AGU publishes monographs, advanced level textbooks, and technical manuals across the full breadth of the Earth and space sciences.

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Flagship book series publishing in-depth reference volumes in all fields of the Earth and space sciences, often with an interdisciplinary element. Aimed at researchers, industry professionals, and advanced students.
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Textbooks for upper undergraduate and graduate level courses bridging the gap between the fundamentals and critical analysis and containing a variety of materials to support teaching and learning.
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Showcases new and emerging tools and techniques for data collection and analysis in the Earth and space sciences, with an applied focus and practical elements. Aimed at researchers, industry professionals, and advanced students. Also occasional books on careers, the workforce, and other issues as applied to the geosciences community.
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New open access book series focused on solution-based science that addresses the many challenges facing humanity and the environment from a geosciences perspective.
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Sixteen different book series, including reference books, research compilations, handbooks, field guides, teaching resources, and series focused on particular disciplines or geographic areas.
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Recently Published Books
Clouds and Their Climatic Impact: Radiation, Circulation, and Precipitation
Presents current understanding on various types of clouds and cloud systems and their impacts.
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Fast Processes in Large-Scale Atmospheric Models: Progress, Challenges, and Opportunities
Explores ways to improving weather and climate prediction with better representation of fast processes in atmospheric models.
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Helicities in Geophysics, Astrophysics, and Beyond
Advances understanding of the fundamental physical processes underlying various helicity-related phenomena.
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