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Latest NASA budget numbers (in millions)

  FY 2018 Omnibus President's FY 2019 Budget Request House FY 2019 Spending Bill FY 2019 House Bill vs. FY 2018 Omnibus (%) Senate FY 2019 Spending Bill  Senate FY 2019 Spending Bill vs. FY 2018 Omnibus (%) 
Overall $20,736.14 $19,892.20 $21,500.00 3.68% $21,323.40 2.83%
Office of Science $6,221.50 $5,895.00 $6,680.60 7.38% $6,4000.30 2.87%
Earth Science $1,921.00 $1,784.20 $1,900.00 -1.09% $1,931.00 0.52%
Planetary Science $2,227.90 $2,234.70 $2,758.50 23.82% $2,201.50 -1.18%
Heliophysics $688.50 $690.70 $688.50 0.00% $720.00 4.58%
 James Webb Space Telescope $533.70 $304.60 $304.60  42.93% $304.60  -42.93% 
Education  $100.00 $0.00 $90.00 -10.00% $110.00 10.00%

Specific areas of concern

The Senate’s report specifically provides funding for Earth Science Missions that the Trump Administration sought to terminate, including: PACE, CLARREO Pathfinder, OCO-3, and instruments on Deep Space Climate Observatory. The report also would provide funding for the Carbon Monitoring System and to ensure a 2020 launch for Landsat 9.

Language that AGU and other organizations requested regarding the latest Earth Science decadal was included in the Senate report.

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NASA starts 2019 on CR

Neither chamber has passed its fiscal year (FY) 2019 Commerce, Justice, and Science spending bill, which provides funding for NASA. Under a Continuing Resolution that expires Feb. 25, the agency is currently being funded at FY 2018 levels. NASA would receive an increase in funding in both the House and Senate appropriations bills; NASA would receive $21.3 billion, or a 2.8-percent increase from fiscal year (FY) 2018 in the Senate bill and $21.5 billion or a 3.7-percent increase in the House bill. While both bills would provide a substantial increase for the Science Mission Directorate (SMD), the funding is inequitably distributed among NASA’s mission areas.

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