Press Conference: Wildfire-driven thunderstorms and their role in the climate system

In this press conference, researchers discuss the fascinating phenomenon of pyrocumulonimbus clouds funneling smoke like a chimney from Earth’s wildfires to high altitudes where it remains for extended periods. Results will include the most detailed information to date on the Australian New Year 2020 wildfire-driven thunderstorm activity and provide a unique perspective on how the Australian events compare with other large wildfire and pyrocumulonimbus events observed worldwide.


  • Mike Fromm, U.S. Naval Research Laboratory, United States
  • David Peterson, U.S. Naval Research Laboratory, United States
  • Laura Thapa, University of California Los Angeles, United States

Scientific presentations

A049-01, A234-09, A251-02, A251-11


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This event has ended. Watch a recording of the webinar on AGU's YouTube channel.

December 2020

From Friday, 11 December 2020 01:00 PM

To Friday, 11 December 2020 02:00 PM

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