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AGU Chapman Conference on Shallow Mantle Composition
and Dynamics Fifth International Orogenic Lherzolite Conference

31st Anniversary of Chapman Conference on Partial Melting in the Earth's Upper Mantle

Mount Shasta Resort, Mount Shasta, California, USA
22–26 September 2008

Conveners (AKA Scientific Committee)

Principal Conveners: Peter B. Kelemen (Columbia University) and Henry J.B. Dick (Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, WHOI); Primary Conveners: Martin Menzies (Royal Holloway University, U.K.), Jean-Louis Bodiner (Université de Montpellier, France), Masaaki Obata (Kyoto University, Japan), Giovanni Piccardo (Università di Genova, Italy), Dave Kohlstedt (University of Minnesota), Greg Hirth (WHOI), Françoise Boudier (Université de Montpellier, France); Additional Conveners: Shoji Arai (Kanazawa University, Japan), Fred Frey (MIT), Al Hofmann (Max Plank, Mainz, Germany), Adolphe Nicolas (Université de Montpellier, France), Kaz Ozawa (Tokyo University, Japan), Elisabetta Rampone (Università de Genova, Italy), Nobu Shimizu (WHOI), Riccardo Vannucci (Università di Pavia, Italy), Reinoud Vissers (Utrecht University, Netherlands)

Program Committee (AKA Organizing Committee, most affiliations as above)

Peter Kelemen, Martin Menzies, Jean-Louis Bodiner, Henry Dick, Françoise Boudier, Greg Hirth, Tim Grove (MIT), Christophe Lécuyer (Université Claude Bernard Lyons, France), Andrea Tommasi (Université de Montpellier, France), Eiichi Takazawa (Niigata University, Japan)

Conference Objectives

The AGU Chapman Conference on Shallow Mantle Composition and Dynamics and Fifth International Orogenic Lherzolite Conference, with optional field trips to the Josephine and Trinity peridotites. Previous Lherzolite Conferences were held near the peridotite massifs of Lanzo and Lherz (Montpellier, France, 1990), Ronda and Beni Bousera (Granada, Spain, 1995), Ivrea, Liguria and Malenco (Pavia, Italy, 1999), and Horoman (Samani, Japan, 2002). In addition, 2008 marks the 31st anniversary of the 1977 Chapman Conference on Partial Melting in the Earth's Upper Mantle, convened by Henry Dick and held in the Josephine peridotite. The objective of the International Orogenic Lherzolite Conferences is to assemble specialists on mantle processes for a field conference, where we share recent results and discuss key outcrops in a group setting. In 2008, we will incorporate a slightly broader range of topics, and have included influential specialists in rock mechanics and low temperature alteration in the organizing committee. Topics to be covered include melting processes, melt transport, metasomatism, localized and regional deformation, formation and nature of plate boundaries, mechanisms of intermediate depth earthquakes, and both geochemistry and physical processes of low temperature alteration.

Program Schedule

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Mount Shasta Resort, Mount Shasta, California

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