Presenting Author Title Presenting Author E-Mail Type Student
T Adachi VHF Radar Echoes in the Lower Ionosphere Associated with Lightning Discharges Poster
M A Alves Observation of a Possible Neutron Burst Associated With a Lightning Discharge Poster
E Arnone Satellite Observations Of Middle Atmospheric NO2 and Ozone Above Thunderstorms Invited Oral
E Arnone The Rate of Detection of Transient Luminous Events From Space Poster
L P Babich Localization of the Source of Atmospheric Neutron Flashes Detected in Thunderstorm Atmosphere Invited Oral
M A Bailey Investigating Halo Optical Signatures and Associated Lightning Parameters from a Large MCS Over Argentina Poster Student
E Blanc Gravity Waves Produced by Thunderstorms Invited Oral
Zdenek Bonaventura Similarity Properties of Discharges in Preheated Air at Ground Pressure and in Transient Luminous Events Poster
Anne Bourdon Air Heating Associated with Ground Pressure Discharges and Transient Luminous Events Poster
B E Carlson Simulations of Terrestrial Gamma-ray Flashes from Storm to Satellite Contributed Oral Student
S Celestin Efficient Photoionization Models for Streamer Propagation: From Ground Pressure Discharges to Transient Luminous Events Contributed Oral
O Chanrion Production of Runaway Electrons in Conventional Electric Discharges Contributed Oral
A B Chen Spatial and Interannual Variability of Transient Luminous Event and Intense Lightning by ISUAL experiment Invited Oral
J K Chou Positive and Negative Gigantic Jets Poster Student
J J Colman Examining Distribution Functions in Thermal Runaway Contributed Oral
P H Connell The Diffuse Shape of Terrestrial Gamma Ray Flashes, as Seen by Imaging Instruments on the ISS and High Altitude Aircraft Poster
E S Cramer Primary Factors for Electron Relativistic Runaway Breakdown in Air Poster Student
C L Croskey Conductivity Variations Above Thunderstorms During the ACES 2002 Campaign Contributed Oral
S A Cummer Currents, Charges, and Electromagnetic Fields Associated with TLE Initiation and Development Invited Oral
S Davydenko Modeling Electromagnetic and Quasi-Stationary Electric Fields Following a Lightning Discharge Contributed Oral
S Davydenko The Effect of Ionospheric Superrotation on the Atmosphric Electric Field Poster
A Yu Drozdov Experiment Based On Spacesuit "Orlan-M". Neutron Fluxes From Thunderstorm Poster Student
J R Dwyer Relativistic Positron/X-ray Feedback and Thundercloud Electric Fields Invited Oral
U Ebert Streamer Discharges in Experiment and Theory: A Review of Recent Results Invited Oral
T Farges Infrasound from Sprite Characteristics Deduced from Measurements Realized in 2003 and 2005 Invited Oral
G J Fishman TGF Observations with the Gamma-ray Burst Monitor on the Fermi Observatory Invited Oral
K A Franzen Chasing Lightning, Sferics, Tweeks and Whistlers Observing Natural Radio Waves Using the INSPIRE Receiver Poster
M Fullekrug Runaway Breakdown in LF Radio Invited Oral
T Gjesteland Analysis of BATSE TGFs Taking Deadtime Effects Into Account Poster Student
O G Gladysheva Formation of Powerful Discharge in the Upper Atmosphere Poster
O G Gladysheva Discharge in the Upper Atmosphere during the Tunguska Catastrophe Poster
F J Gordillo-Vazquez Influence of the Vibrational Temperature on the Sprite Induced Atmospheric Chemistry Invited Oral
Eran Greenberg ELF/VLF Signatures of Sprite-Producing Lightning Discharges Observed During the 2005 EuroSprite Campaign Contributed Oral Student
B W Grefenstette Characterizing the Intensities of Terrestrial Gamma-ray Flashes (TGFs) Observed by RHESSI Poster Student
Paul Greninger Impact of Sprites on VHF Propagation Through the D-region Poster Student
A V Grigoriev Thunderstorm Neutrons at Altitudes up to 400km: Theoretical Estimations and Numerical Simulation Poster
A V Gurevich Runaway Breakdown and Electrical Discharges in Thunderstorms Invited Review
C Haldoupis EuroSprite Studies of Early VLF Perturbations Occurring in Relation with TLEs Invited Oral
B J Hazelton Modeling RHESSI TGFs as a Distribution of Events with Non-vertical Beams at Various Altitudes Contributed Oral Student
Y Hiraki Phase Transition Model of Sprite Halo Invited Oral
T-Y Huang Observations of the Lightning-Induced Transient Emissions (LITEs) in the Mesospheric Airglow Layers Poster
U S Inan ELF/VLF Signatures of Lightning-ionosphere Interactions and Causative Discharges Invited Review
T Kanmae Observation of Rotational Temperature of the N2(B) in Sprite Poster Student
H Kase The Relationship Between the Terrestrial Gamma-ray Flashes Occurrence and the Charge Moment Change of Parent Lightning Discharge Poster Student
M C Kelley An Explanation for Parallel Electric Field Pulses Observed Over Thunderstorms Contributed Oral
M C Kelley The Impact of Lightning on the Ionosphere Poster
B A Khrenov Program of Transient UV Event Research at Tatiana-2 Satellite Poster
S I Klimov Electromagnetic Parameters Study for Space Weather Research (Micro-satellite "Chibis-M") Contributed Oral
S I Klimov Investigation of Atmospheric Lightning Discharges on the Micro-satellite "Chibis-M" Poster
A Y Kudryavtsev Project of 3D Fluid Code Intended for Simulation of Thunderstorm Discharges Driven by Runaway Electrons Allowing for the Geomagnetic Field Poster
A Y Kudryavtsev Numerical Simulations of Volumetric Discharges Above Thunderclouds Correlated with Large Variations of Thundercloud Dipole Moment with Applications to Sprites Poster
Sushil Kumar Further Investigations on Subionospheric VLF Perturbations Observed at Suva, Fiji Contributed Oral
C L Kuo ISUAL Imager 427.8 nm Campaign for Transient Luminous Events Invited Oral
T J Lang Observations of Two Transient Luminous Event-Producing Mesoscale Convective Systems Invited Oral
E H Lay Non-linear Retrieval of Ionospheric Electron Density Profiles Using FORTE Broadband Data Contributed Oral
Y S Lee Summer High Latitude Mesospheric Observations of Apparent Supersonic Wind and O(1S) Emission Rate With the UARS/WINDII Instrument and the Possible Association with Lightning Poster Student
F Lefeuvre Ground-based and Space-based Observations of ELF/VLF Waves Associated with TLEs Poster
F Lefeuvre TARANIS - Current Status of the Project Contributed Oral
N G Lehtinen Full-Wave Modelling of ELF/VLF Effects Invited Oral
J Li Estimation of Charge Distribution in Sprites Contributed Oral Student
Chao Li 3D Hybrid Simulation for Streamer and Sparks: Run-Away Electrons in Streamer Propagation Contributed Oral Student
N Y Liu Comparison of Streamer Modeling and High-Speed Video Observations of Sprites Invited Oral
N Y Liu Comparison Between Sprite Streamer Modeling and ISUAL Multi-Wavelength Measurements Poster
A Luque The Sharp Transition Between Diffuse and Streamer Regions in Sprites Contributed Oral
E A Mareev Conditions of Sprite/Halo Initiation and Their Effects in the Global Electric Circuit Invited Oral
R A Marshall Ionospheric Effects of Cloud-to-Ground and In-cloud Lightning Discharges Contributed Oral Student
Y Matsudo Time Delays of Sprites Induced by Winter Lightning Flashes on the Japan Sea and in the Pacific Ocean Contributed Oral Student
Matthew G McHarg Streamer Splitting in Sprites Contributed Oral
J MontanyĆ  High-Speed Intensified Video Recordings of Sprites and Elves Over the Western Mediterranean Sea During Winter Thunderstorms Contributed Oral
Jeff Morrill The Spectroscopy of Sprites and Related Phenomena Invited Oral
V Mushtak On Requirements and Applications of Modeling Techniques in Inverse Problems at ELF Poster
T Neubert The ASIM Mission for Studies of Severe Thunderstorms Invited Oral
R T Newsome Aggregate Study of Elves Using Ground-Based Array Photometry Contributed Oral Student
C V Nguyen X-ray Burst in Long Discharges Contributed Oral Student
S Nijdam 3D Imaging of Interaction of Positive Streamers in Air Contributed Oral Student
N Ostgaard Production Altitude, Initial Distributions and Time Delays for TGFs When Instrumental Deadtime Effects are Treated Properly Invited Oral
M I Panasyuk Transient Luminous Event Phenomena and Energetic Particles Impacting the Upper Atmosphere: Russian Space Experiment Programs Contributed Oral
V P Pasko Recent Advances in Theory of Transient Luminous Events Invited Review
P-D Pautet Spatial Characteristics and Circular Symmetry Study of the Sprites Observed from Southern Brazil During the 2006 Sprites Balloon Campaign Contributed Oral
P-D Pautet Airborne Image Measurements of Elves Over Southern Europe Poster
L W Petersen Comparison of Sprite-Halo Characteristics Imaged Over the USA and South America Poster Student
H Peterson NOx Production By Laboratory Simulated TLEs Poster
Yu P Raizer Streamer and Leader-like Processes in Upper Atmosphere: Models of Blue Jets and Red Sprites Invited Oral
H K Rassoul Thunderstorm Characteristics of RHESSI Identified Terrestrial Gamma-ray Flashes Contributed Oral
Valeria Ratushna Modelling Positive and Negative Streamers in Air: Propagation and Electrodynamic Interaction Poster
J A Riousset Modeling of Thundercloud Screening Layers: Implications for Blue and Gigantic Jets Contributed Oral Student
M J Rycroft The Effects of Lightning and Sprites on the Ionospheric Potential Estimated Using an Equivalent Circuit Model Invited Oral
Z Saleh Statistical Study of X-ray Emission in Natural and Rocket-Triggered Lightning Poster Student
J Samuels Applying Sum Absolute Difference (SAD) Algorithms to Lightning Geolocation Poster
F T São Sabbas Sprite Producing Systems: An Analysis of South American Cases Until Today Invited Oral
M Sato Global Sprite Occurrence Rates and Distributions Derived from ELF Measurements and Their Seasonal Variations Invited Oral
M Schaal Search for Ground-Level Terrestrial Gamma-ray Flashes Associated with Natural and Rocket-Triggered Lightning Using the Thunderstorm Energetic Radiation Array (TERA) Poster Student
D D Sentman Effects of Thunderstorms and Lightning in the Upper Atmosphere: An Overview Invited Review
Xuan-Min Shao Comparison of Terrestrial Gamma-ray Flashes and Los Alamos Sferic Array Lightning Measurement Contributed Oral
M N Shneider UV Flashes Caused by Gigantic Blue Jets Contributed Oral
C L Siefring Simultaneous Near-Infrared and Visible Observations of Sprites and Acoustic Gravity Waves During the EXL98 Campaign Contributed Oral
D M Smith RHESSI Observations of Terrestrial Gamma-ray Flashes Invited Oral
N N Solorzano High-Energy Lightning Discharges in Intense Hurricanes Poster
S Soula Characteristics and Conditions of Production of TLEs Observed Over a Maritime Storm Contributed Oral
H C Stenbaek-Nielsen Sprite Initiation Altitude Measured by Triangulation Invited Oral
T Suzuki Computer Simulations on the Sprite Initiation for Realistic Lightning Models with Higher Frequency Surges Poster Student
T Suzuki An Analysis of Sprite-Producing Thunderstorms During 2004/2005 Japanese Winter Sprite Campaign Contributed Oral
Y Takahashi Observations of TLEs and TGFs by RISING Satellite Invited Oral
J N Thomas In Situ Measurements of Electrodynamics Above Thunderstorms: Past Results and Future Directions Invited Oral
L Y Tsai Blue Jets Over Tropical Cyclones Poster Student
O van der Velde Temporal and Spatial Evolution of Intracloud Lightning Associated With Sprite-Producing Positive Cloud-to-Ground Flashes in Northeastern Spain Invited Oral
Earle Williams The Origin and Context of C.T.R. Wilson's Ideas on Electron Runaway in Thunderclouds Invited Oral
E Williams The Sprite Lightning Polarity Paradox, Revisited Poster
G Wormeester Propagation Mechanisms of Positive Streamers in Different Gases Poster Student
Yoav Yair The Spatial Organization of Column Sprite Elements Associated with Eastern Mediterranean Winter Thunderstorms Poster
Yoav Yair From the MEIDEX to the ILAN Winter Campaigns: Results From 6 Years of Sprite Research in Israel Invited Oral
Kozo Yamashita Estimation of Net Current Due to Lightning Discharge in the Global Electric Circuit Poster Student
K Yoshita Development of Multi-Band Filter Photometer Onboard the TARANIS Satellite Poster Student
K P Zybin Energy Spectrum of Lightning Gamma Emission Invited Oral