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AGU Chapman Conference on the Biological Carbon Pump of the Oceans

Brockenhurst, Hampshire, England
1–4 September 2009


Program Committee

Financial Co-Sponsors

The conveners would wish to gratefully acknowledge the National Oceanography Centre, Southampton and the Ocean Carbon & Biochemistry for there generous support of this conference.

National Oceanography Centre, Southampton   Ocean Carbon Biogeochemistry Logo

Conference Objectives and General Description

Our overall objective is to draw together the diverse scientific communities to develop a better understanding of the BCP, its effects on the global carbon cycle and its sensitivity to climate or environmental change.

Conference Format and Topics

We envisage 16 oral sessions with scheduled talks spread over four days with three sessions in the morning, leaving the afternoons free for informal discussions and focused meetings. Immediately prior to the evening dinner there would be a plenary session devoted to synthesizing the presentation made during the day on that topic and defining future topics for research and the way ahead. Each session will consist of a keynote talk detailing recent advances (1/2 hour +15 minutes questions) and 2 other talks (15 minutes + 5 minutes questions). We envisage that at least 25% of these presentations would be made by graduate students and 25% by non-tenured post-docs. Posters associated with each theme will be available for viewing for the entire day with a dedicated session with light refreshments.

Conference Schedule

An updated program schedule [pdf] and list of oral and poster acceptances is now available.

View a complete list of abstracts.

Poster Presentations

Poster board dimensions are 1 m (width) x 2 m (height), and must be portrait format. Poster sessions are scheduled from 1530h – 1700h, Tuesday, 1 September, and 1530h – 1700h Thursday, 3 September – Friday, 4 September. Poster supplies will be available at the registration desk.

Confirmed Invited Speakers

Phil Boyd
Ken Buesseler
Marion Gehlen
Mario Hoppema
Christine Klass
Richard Lampitt
Rachel Mills
Uta Passow
Tammi Richardson
Richard Sanders
Jorge Sarmiento
Reiner Schlitzer
Victor Smetacek
Debbie Steinberg
Tom Trull
Paul Wassmann
George Wolff

Expected Participation

100 including 25 graduate students and 25 post-docs.

Fields of Interest

Biological Oceanography, Chemical Oceanography, Climate Science