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Sun Valley Resort


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Contact Information

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Examining Ecohydrological Feedbacks of Landscape Change Along Elevation Gradients in Semiarid Regions

Boise and Sun Valley, Idaho USA
4–8 October 2009

Conference Objectives

The purpose of this Chapman conference is to examine the ecohydrological feedbacks of landscape change along elevation gradients in semiarid regions. We will explicitly examine the ecohydrological changes taking place in these landscapes, across elevation and precipitation gradients. We propose the seemingly simple guiding question, “Are there ecohydrological trends across precipitation gradients?” and then focus our efforts on specifically contrasting the ecohydrology of spatially contiguous precipitation gradients (e.g., elevation gradients) with conceptually organized precipitation gradients (e.g., semiarid vs. more humid systems). Our goal is to help scientists from different disciplinary backgrounds and land managers better understand and address the substantial changes occurring in semiarid landscapes.


Bradford P. Wilcox, Texas A&M University, USA
Mark S. Seyfried, Northwest Watershed Research Center, USA
Jeffrey J. McDonnell, Oregon State University, USA
Dave Breshears, University of Arizona, USA

Program Committee

Amilcare Porporato, Duke University, USA,
Barbara Bond, Oregon State University, USA,
Brent Newman, Int. Atomic Energy Agency, USA,
Danny Marks, Northwest Watershed Research Center, USA,
David Williams, University of Wyoming, USA,
Derek Eamus, University of Technology, USA,
Enrique Vivoni, Arizona State University, USA,
John Wainwright, University of Sheffield,
Kelly Caylor, Princeton University, USA,
Russell Scott, Southwest Watershed Res. Center, USA
Travis Huxman, University of Arizona, USA,

Financial Sponsors

The conference organizers wish to gratefully acknowledge the generous support of the following sponsors for their substantial student support for this conference.

NSF       USDA       USDA-ARS     Univ Idaho