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Contact Information

AGU Meetings Department
2000 Florida Avenue, NW
Washington DC 20009 USA
Phone: +1 202 777 7330

Scientific Program

Conference Format

Five days of presentations and discussions, limited to the participants, will be followed by a one-day public commemoration of the M 9.5 1960 earthquake and by two days of geologic field trips.

A scientific program [.pdf] is available.

Expected Participation

75 including 25 graduate students and post-docs.

Fields of Interest

Disciplines include seismology, paleoseismology, neotectonics, structural geology, fault physics, tsunami simulation, and engineering.

Venues and Field Trips

The conference begins the morning of 16 May and continues through the afternoon of 20 May at the Marina del Rey Hotel in Viña del Mar.

Three optional field trips are planned as follows:

Field Trip 1

North to Atacama Desert, 14–15 May 2010 (before the conference)
This field trip has been canceled due to low enrollment.

Field Trip 2

South-central Chile [pdf], 20–24 May 2010 (after the conference)

Earthquake Geology, Tsunami Hazards, and a Clam Bake Midway along the 1960 Rupture

Fee:  $720 US dollars
Deadline:  2 April 2010
To Register:  Fill out the registration form [pdf] and email to chapman-earthquakes@agu.org. Please include "South-central Chile Field Trip Registration Form" in the subject line.
Details:  Contact Marco Cisternas marco.cisternas@ucv.cl and
Brian Atwater atwater@usgs.gov

Price includes roundtrip transportation from Viña del Mar, to the field area, and back to Santiago. A minimum of 10 participants is required, with a maximun of 20 people. For participants in the Valdivia ceremony on 22 May, bus transportation can be arranged between Maullín and Valdivia.

Field Trip 3

South to Valdivia [pdf], 24 May 2010 (after the conference)

Fee: $150 US dollars
Deadline: 15 April 2010
To Register: Contact Mario Pino mariopino@uach.cl

Price includes bus transportation and lunch. A minimum of 10 participants is required, with a maximum of 30 people.

Presentation Guidelines

The dimensions of the poster boards is 85cm W x 150cm H (2.8' x 4.9') poster boards are tall and narrow. More information is available.