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AGU Chapman Conference on Relationship Between Auroral Phenomenology and Magnetospheric Processes

Fairbanks, Alaska, USA
27 February – 4 March 2011

Conference Objectives and General Description


A full resolution version of the Chapman
Conference poster is available for
download [11 MB PDF].

The aurora is a permanent and dynamic phenomenon in the upper atmospheres of Earth and other planets with intrinsic magnetic fields. Some of the most interesting and pressing questions in space physics relate to the origin of auroral structure and dynamics, and the nature of acceleration and pitch angle scattering in the case of discrete and diffuse aurora, respectively. Over the last decade, there has been an explosion of in situ magnetospheric, and ionospheric observations, as well as auroral imaging. These new data, together with recent advances in both simulation and theory, offer our field the opportunity for significant advances in all aspects of auroral science, particularly in making connections between physical processes in the magnetosphere and auroral structure and dynamics.

The conference will provide an opportunity to present the latest results from analyses of experimental data (including space-borne, ground-based and co-ordinated data), simulation and theory, addressing various aspects of the aurora, in order to connect our knowledge of auroral morphology and mechanisms to candidate physical processes in the magnetosphere capable of powering and structuring the aurora on Earth and other planets. Our intention is to stimulate productive discussions among scientists specializing in all areas of auroral research and work towards a comprehensive view encompassing auroral phenomenology on Earth and other planets.

We will be actively encouraging the participation of students and other junior researchers in this Chapman conference.


Andreas Keiling, UC Berkeley (USA),

Eric Donovan, University of Calgary (Canada),

Program Committee

Dirk Lummerzheim, University of Alaska (USA),
Dave Knudsen, University of Calgary (Canada),
Göran Marklund, Royal Institute of Technology (Sweden),
Vassilis Angelopoulos, UC Los Angeles (USA),
Masafumi Hirahara, University of Tokyo (Japan),
Kirsti Kauristie, Finnish Meteorological Institute (Finland),
Fran Bagenal, University of Colorado (USA),
Robert Rankin, University of Alberta (Canada),

Financial Support

The U.S. National Science Foundation (NSF) was the sponsor for student travel support.

Further Information

If you would like to receive future updates about this conference, e-mail, or call the AGU Meetings Department at +1-202-777-7330.

For information about the scientific program, please contact the conveners via e-mail: Andreas Keiling (UC Berkeley, USA) at and Eric Donovan (University of Calgary, Canada) at