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Grindelwald, Switzerland


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AGU Chapman Conference on Advances in Lagrangian Modeling of the Atmosphere

Grindelwald, Switzerland
9 – 14 October 2011

Conference Objectives and General Description

Trajectory-based ("Lagrangian") atmospheric transport and dispersion modeling has gained in popularity and sophistication over the previous several decades. It is common practice now for researchers around the world to apply Lagrangian models for a wide spectrum of applications. Examples include:

  1. Assessing cross-border transport and chemical transformation of pollutants that adversely impact air quality;
  2. Inferring emissions of greenhouse gases from concentration data
  3. Probing regions potentially affected by releases of nuclear accidents or bio-weapons
  4. Quantifying stratosphere-troposphere exchange
  5. Identifying sources of moisture available for precipitation

Despite the value of Lagrangian models available today, numerous scientific issues remain. Among these, the following lists some of the most prominent scientific questions that need to be addressed in order to advance Lagrangian modeling:

Time is ripe for a Chapman Conference that enables participants to take stock of recent advances in Lagrangian modeling, share ideas in the use of the model for the aforementioned atmospheric applications, examinecurrent shortcomings, and discuss ways to move Lagrangian models forward.

The conference will bring together international experts in developing, using, and testing Lagrangian models. The goal is to build a community of researchers involved with Lagrangian models who will continue to improve such tools for future atmospheric scientists. We will solicit submissions to an edited volume to be published by AGU and to facilitate dissemination of results emerging from the conference.


John C. Lin, University of Waterloo, Canada,
Dominik Brunner, Empa, Swiss Federal Laboratories for Materials Science and Technology,
Christoph Gerbig, Max Planck Institut for Biogeochemistry, Germany,

Program Committee

Arlyn Andrews, NOAA Earth System Research Laboratory, USA,
Massimo Cassiani, Norwegian Institute for Air Research,
Roland Draxler, NOAA Air Resources Laboratory, USA,
Kathy Law, LATMOS-CNRS, Université Pierre et Marie Curie, France,
Paul Konopka, Forschungszentrum Jülich, Germany,
Thomas Nehrkorn, Atmospheric and Environmental Research, USA,
Viatcheslav Shershakov, State Institution “Research and Production Association 'Typhoon’”, Russia,
Petra Seibert, Institute of Meteorology, University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences, Austria,
Andreas Stohl, Norwegian Institute for Air Research,
Barbara Stunder, NOAA Air Resources Laboratory, USA,
David Thomson, United Kingdom Meteorological Office,
Alex Vermeulen, Energy Research Centre of the Netherlands,
Peter Webley, University of Alaska, Fairbanks, USA,
Heini Wernli, ETH Zürich, Switzerland,
John D. Wilson, University of Alberta, Canada,
Gerhard Wotawa, Central Institute for Meteorology and Geodynamics, Vienna, Austria,

Financial Support


Travel Support

The Center for Climate Systems Modeling and the European Science Foundation have granted travel support for this AGU Chapman conference. The funds are available for qualified students and delegates from Tier 1 and Tier 2 counties only.

Please note: the deadline for Travel Grant Application has passed.

Further Information

If you would like to receive future updates about this conference, e-mail  or call the AGU Meetings Department at +1-202-777-7330.

For information about the scientific program, please contact one of the conveners via e-mail:
John C. Lin,
Dominik Brunner,
Christoph Gerbig,