General Information
Chapman Conference on Magnetic Helicity in Space and Laboratory Plasmas
National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR)
Boulder, Colorado
July 28-31, 1998
(Tuesday through Friday)

Conveners Richard C. Canfield, Dept. of Physics, Montana State University, Engineering/Physical Sciences Bldg., Room 264, Bozeman, MT 59717-3840, Phone: +1-406-994-5581, Fax: +1-406-994-4452

Alexei A. Pevtsov, Dept. of Physics, Montana State University, Engineering/Physical Sciences Bldg., Room 264, Bozeman, MT 59717-3840, Phone: +1-406-994-7839, Fax: +1-406-994-4452

Program Committee Convener, R. Canfield, Montana State University

Committee Member, B. Low, High Altitude Observatory

Committee Member, W. Matthaeus, University of Delaware

Convener, A. Pevtsov, Montana State University

Committee Member, E. Priest, St. Andrews University, Scotland

Committee Member, R. Rosner, University of Chicago

Committee Member, D. Rust, Johns Hopkins University

Committee Member, N. Seehafer, University of Potsdam, Germany

Committee Member, K. Shibata, National Astronomical Observatory of Japan

Committee Member, M. Yamada, Princeton University

Local Organizing Committee M. Knoelker, Chairman, High Altitude Observatory
L. Beierle, High Altitude Observatory

Conference Scope The topic of magnetic helicity is relatively new to solar and stellar physicists, who are interested in knowing: which processes generate magnetic helicity in solar/stellar interiors; how helicity is transformed when magnetic field rises through the convection zone; what the role of magnetic helicity is in magnetic reconnection and flare activity; and how the helicity of the solar/stellar wind and interplanetary magnetic field are related to that of the solar/stellar surface.

On the other hand, magnetic helicity has been intensively studied in the laboratory and in interplanetary plasma physics. At the present time, these diverse scientific communities are developing their own understanding rather independently.

This meeting will encourage both the exposition and discussion of this rather focused, yet interdisciplinary, topic. It is expected that solar physicists will attend the meeting in order to improve their understanding of the basic concepts of topology, including helicity, and how they have been applied in other disciplines, most notably space and laboratory physics. Non-solar participants will bring an understanding of helicity that is relatively well-developed within the framework of their own discipline, as well as an enthusiasm for applying it to a new discipline.

The conference will include results of recent solar observations from ground-based observatories and the Yohkoh and SOHO space missions, which have provided important information about solar magnetic structures and plasma flows and their relations to solar activity.

Topics to be Discussed

Conference Format To facilitate the discussion that is central to the Chapman conference concept, the daily program is formatted according to the discussion topics into related short (20-25 minute) invited talks and longer (60-90 minute) topical discussion periods. Contributed poster papers are encouraged on the discussion topics. We will schedule such papers for posting on the most appropriate two or more days. On each day, 90-120 minutes will be set aside for poster viewing, and the topical discussion periods will give poster authors an opportunity to make a point with an OHP/viewfoil.

Scientific Program The final scientific program and list of contributed papers are now available.

Registration and Housing Information Registration
How to Register: All participants must register by June 26, 1998. Complete and return the registration form with payment, or e-mail complete registration information to Registration fees are $230.00 for scientists and $115.00 for students. There are no one-day pro-rated registration fees. Participant registration fees cover admission to all scientific sessions, shuttle service to/from meeting site, refreshment breaks, reception, and conference banquet. Please note: Attendance is limited to 125 persons.

Housing and Transportation Information

Mailing List Future information pertaining to this conference (i.e., scientific program, housing, registration) will be sent to those who have either submitted an abstract or have asked to be placed on the mailing list.

Those not submitting abstracts who wish to be placed on the mailing list, please contact one of the conveners.

For Further Information For additional information about the conference, contact one of the conveners listed above or:

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Magnetic Helicity Chapman Conference
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