Poster Session Chairperson's Guidelines

  1. Please check the program and addendum for any changes or updates to your session.
  2. Arrive in the poster area at least one half hour before the session is scheduled to start.
  3. Make sure authors' poster boards are numbered properly.
  4. Make sure authors are beginning to set up their posters before 0800h and are not experiencing problems.
  5. Make sure authors have clearly posted the time when they will be at their boards.
  6. Help any author who is having trouble with layout, setup, or equipment.
  7. Encourage participation by introducing persons in the area to specific authors and performing "crowd control" as necessary.
  8. Record on the evaluation form attendance at different times during the session.
  9. No papers may be added to the session. No papers may be moved from one session to another. Record any such situations on the evaluation form.
  10. Should any problem develop with poster set up, facilities, or equipment, contact an AGU staff person located at the Facilities or Messages and Information Desk.