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Videos of featured presentations from the AGU 2008 Fall Meeting are now available.


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The AGU Meetings Committee is implementing processes to make AGU meetings greener. Meeting attendees will receive general information including a list of sessions by discipline, cosponsors, day, time, and location. There will also be an author index, maps, and other general meeting information. The detailed session information is available on the Fall Meeting Web site, so this will not be provided in print format.

View and/or download the detailed session schedules. You can drill down to individual talks and view the abstracts.

A limited number of CDs will be available to meeting registrants on a first request basis. There will also be some computer terminals available to look up meeting information while at the meeting.

Frontiers of Geophysics Lecture

Monday, 15 December 1830h
Moscone West, Room 3008
The Spread of Scientific Knowledge from the Royal Society to Google Earth and Beyond
Presented by: Michael Jones, Chief Technology Advocate, Google

In his Frontiers of Geophysics lecture Google's Michael Jones will examine the relationship between mechanisms of knowledge sharing on the pace of scientific advancement and on the degree of public understanding of new results. From this he will extrapolate the implications of today's subtle but sweeping changes in the dialogue of science to highlight opportunities and risks in both areas.

Public Lecture

Thursday, 18 December, 1900h
San Francisco Exploratorium
Phoenix in Winter Wonderland
Presented by: Peter Smith, University of Arizona

Phoenix recently completed a five-month-long investigation of the Martian arctic and found water ice just beneath the dry surface soil. Comparing Antarctic dry valleys with the Martian polar plains leads to the conclusion that liquid water helped create the minerals in the soil. Snow has been observed falling from overlying clouds and frost is seen on the surface. Water is clearly part of the climate cycle and leads to the question: Is this a location where life is possible on Mars?

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