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News Media — 2009 Fall Meeting Blog Roll

Science Blogs Covering 2009 Fall Meeting

Blog: Arizona Geology. Contact: Lee Allison
About: Anything of interest to or about the Arizona geoscience community.
Topics at Meeting: Arizona geoscience being presented. News and developments that affect Arizona. Anything else that captures my interest.

Blog: Dave's Landslide Blog. Contact: David Petley
About: Mostly about landslides and rockfalls, including the science and applications. I also blog on other natural hazards, including earthquakes and tropical cyclones, and a little on disaster risk reduction.
Topics at Meeting: Natural hazards, with a strong landslide focus, and geomorphology / landscape evolution.

Blog: Geology at About.com. Contact: Andrew Alden
About: Geology resources and news for the passionate public.
Topics at Meeting: Scientific highlights and personal experiences

Blog: Earth Pub via Discovery News. Contact: Larry O'Hanlon, John D. Cox, Kieran Mulvaney, Michael Reilly, Sarah Dowdey
About: Earth and environmental science. The Earth Pub has recently migrated into an integrated news/blog page.
Topics at Meeting: All sorts of stuff. We cover a lot of ground.

Blog: The Martian Chronicles. Contact: Ryan Anderson
About: Space exploration with an emphasis on Mars, planetary geology, and current missions.
Topics at Meeting: Primarily summaries of the sessions that I attend.

Blog: Blogging on EARTH. Contact: Carolyn Gramling, Megan Sever
About: Earth science, energy and environment news.
Topics at Meeting: Anything and everything that we find interesting.

Blog: Astronaut for Hire. Contact: Brian Shiro
About: Mostly about astronaut selection and human spaceflight, with first hand accounts of analog Mars missions. Other topics include geophysics, planetary science, and environmental monitoring/protection.
Topics at Meeting: Session summaries, reunions and get-togethers, and personal impressions.

Blog: The Musings of a Life-Long Scholar. Contact: RM
About: Life as a scholar/researcher. The transition from being a PhD student to being a post-doc. Experimental Petrology. Metamorphic petrology. Mountains. Structure.
Topics at Meeting: The sessions I enjoy. Interesting things I learn. Musings on my interactions with fellow scientists.

Blog: Clastic Detritus. Contact: Brian Romans
About: A blog about sedimentary and marine geology.
Topics at Meeting: Sessions I attend and other conference activities.

Blog: The Planetary Society Blog. Contact: Emily Lakdawalla
About: Planetary science and space exploration, featuring news and science from ongoing as well as past space missions.
Topics at Meeting: The Jupiter impact; MESSENGER's third Mercury flyby; lunar science from Chandrayaan-1, Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter, and LCROSS; Cassini's November Enceladus flybys; Saturn's ring system at equinox; and more.

Blog: Air Pollution, Aerosols and Clouds in the Climate System. Contact: Pawan Gupta
About: Welcome to the world of atmospheric aerosols, clouds and climate science. Atmospheric aerosols (or PM) are complex mixture of solid and liquid particles that vary in size and composition, and remain suspended in the air. They affect human health and play an important role in weather and climate change processes. Due to high temporal and spatial variability, their characterization into climate models is highly uncertain. This blog is our science diary about latest research in this field.
Topics at Meeting: Aerosols, climate, air pollution.

Blog: Discovery News Space. Contact: Irene Klotz
About: What's happening off Earth.
Topics at Meeting: Space exploration, astronomy, planetary science.

Blog: Serendipity. Contact: Steve Easterbrook
About: Climate Change Informatics: use of software tools and techniques for climate science itself and for communicating the science with broader audiences.
Topics at Meeting: I'll be liveblogging sessions on climate change and geoscience informatics.

Blog: Active margin. Contact: James Repka
About: Earth surface processes and science education.
Topics at Meeting: Sessions that intrigue me, incuding but not limited to: climate, geomorphology, planetary science, education and technology.

Blog: Harmonic Tremors. Contact: Julian Lozos
About: Earthquakes, outreach to the community about earthquake awareness, southern California geology/faults, interesting trips I go on, and occasionally songs about geological topics.
Topics at Meeting: Sessions I attend, interactions with other people in my specific field and with other bloggers, how my own talk goes.

Blog: Geologic Frothings. Contact: P. Kyle House
About: Tips and ideas about integrating digital methods into geologic field and office work.
Topics at Meeting: Virtual globe and Web 2.0 applications in geoscience.

Blog: planetwater. Contact: P. Claus Haslauer
About: Ground water, geostatistics, engineering and science.
Topics at Meeting: Modelling hydrogeologic systems, including uncertainty analysis and geostatistics

Blog: Climate Feedback. Contact: Harvey Leifert and Olive Heffernan.
About: Climate change.
Topics at Meeting: Climate change.

Blog: A Change in the Wind. Contact: Kit Stolz.
About: All the climate and culture that's fit to blog.
Topics at Meeting: Copenhagen vs. AGU, potential for abrupt climate change (cf., methane release), scientific language vs. media understanding -- and whatever other topics come to the fore.

Blog: Wired Science. Contact: Alexis Madrigal.
About: Wired magazine's science blog.
Topics at Meeting: As much interesting stuff as we can find.

Blog: Pirate of the 8th column. Contact: Atreyee Bhattacharya
About: This blog is about climate, environment-- its problems. And solutions using the 8th column, also called noble gases.
Topics at Meeting: Nobles gases in Ocean sciences, climate and environment.

Blog: UCR GEOP Chalkboard. Contact: Cassaundra Meyers
About: The UCR Geoscience Education Outreach Program; geoscience education resources.
Topics at Meeting: Earth science education, paleoclimate, and climate talks.

Blog: My Big Fat Planet. Contact: Amber Jenkins
About: Climate change and climate science.
Topics at Meeting: Soot and climate change, heat in the atmosphere, and other topics.

Blog: On The Scene. Contact: Sid Perkins
About: The latest news and discussions from scientific meetings.
Topics at Meeting: New research from both presentations and posters, along with interesting discussions and trends, on all topics.

Blog: Who Hung the Moon. Contact: Dana Mackenzie
About: Anything about Earth's moon.
Topics at Meeting: LCROSS, LRO, and Chandrayaan-1 results, plus anything else that strikes my fancy and isn't too far off topic..

Blog: In the parlance of our time. Contact: Bob Sica
About: I usually post about random non-science stuff here but didn't have another blog so during AGU I'll use it as required.
Topics at Meeting: Writing about talks that need more than 140 characters of comment.

Blog: Cocktail Party Physics. Contact: Diandra Leslie-Pelecky
About: A look at interesting and quirky science, and how scientists communicate with each other and the public.
Topics at Meeting: Using the space shuttle to study the impact of ionospheric disturbances on communications and GPS; how scientists communicate with each other and with the public.

Blog: Scientist Rising. Contact: NJS
About: I blog about my experiences as a science graduate student at a large research university and how that intersects with an otherwise semi-normal life.
Topics at Meeting: Anything that strikes my fancy as a first-time attendee and presenter.