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News Media — 2010 AGU Fall Meeting Blog Roll

Science Blogs Covering 2010 AGU Fall Meeting

Blog: Active Margin. Contact: Jim Repka
About: Earth Science, education, politics, whatever strikes my fancy...
Topics at Meeting: Education, geomorphology, planetary science, and climate.

Blog: Andrew`s Geology Blog. Contact: Andrew Alden
About: Geology for citizens and students
Topics at Meeting: Cool presentations in tectonophysics, planetology, biogeochemistry, seismology and other grand challenges

Blog: Arizona Geology. Contact: Lee Allison
About: Science, events, and policy of interest to the Arizona geoscience community, and Arizona geology developments of interest to the larger community.
Topics at Meeting: Arizona, informatics, policy, people and whatever gets my attention.

Blog: ARM Climate Research Facility Blog. Contact: ARM Climate Research Facility
About: Our blog shares stories about the ARM Climate Research Facility, a U.S. Department of Energy scientific user facility for the study of global climate change by the national and international research community.
Topics at Meeting: Presentations and posters featuring ARM data, the ARM exhibit, and Exploration Station.

Blog: Clastic Detritus. Contact: Brian Romans
About: Earth science with emphasis on sedimentary and marine geology
Topics at Meeting: Sessions I attend and general science conference happenings.

Blog: Diax's Rake. Contact: Joerg Rings
About: Physics, science, hydrology and pseudoscience (I blog in German)
Topics at Meeting: I'll try to give some impressions of such a big meeting and of interesting talks/events.

Blog: Earth Surface Processes at Manchester. Contact: Simon Brocklehurst, Ann Rowan, Oliver Duffy, Rajasmita Goswami
About: Geomorphology in general and our research at the University of Manchester in particular.
Topics at Meeting: Earth surface processes, geomorphology, geochronology, active tectonics, source-to-sink basins

Blog: Eruptions. Contact: Erik Klemetti
About: Volcanic eruptions, hazards and research - and how volcanic geosciences are covered in the media.
Topics at Meeting: Volcanism, citizen science and igneous petrology.

Blog: Geomorphometry. Contact: Carlos Grohmann
About: Digital terrain analysis, geology, science, free software, GIS.
Topics at Meeting: My experience in general (first time at AGU FM)

Blog: Highly Allochthonous. Contact: Chris Rowan and Anne Jefferson
About: News and commentary from the wide world of geology and earth sciences.
Topics at Meeting: Hydrology, geomorphology, tectonics, paleomagnetism, and anything else that catches our interest.

Blog: Hurricane Climate. Contact: James Elsner
About: Hurricanes and climate.
Topics at Meeting: Undecided.

Blog: Magma Cum Laude. Contact: Jessica Ball
About: Volcanology and graduate school life.
Topics at Meeting: Volcanology, hazard mitigation, graduate research, science communication.

Blog: Meetings. Contact: Mohi Kumar & others
About: This blog provides highlights of the geo and space science-related research, news, events and other activities taking place during AGU meetings.
Topics at Meeting: All sort of science presented at the meeting,plus a few social events.

Blog: Mountain Beltway. Contact: Callan Bentley
About: General geology, but with a particular interest in structural geology and tectonics, the assembly and deformation of mountain belts, science & society, evolution, & climate change. And cats.
Topics at Meeting:

Blog: Physics World. Contact: James Dacey
About: News and events in the world of physics and its related disciplines.
Topics at Meeting: Solar physics, planetary science, plate tectonics.

Blog: Planetwater. Contact: Claus
About: (Ground-) water and (geo-) statistics.
Topics at Meeting: Beer'o'clock and other things related to water

Blog: Random markers. Contact: Mano Marks
About: Geographic data visualization, conferences, code samples, Google things, Digital Humanities, etc.
Topics at Meeting: Geographic data visualization.

Blog: Ron Schott's Geology Home Companion Blog. Contact: Ron Schott
About: Geology.
Topics at Meeting: Geoblogger/Geotweeter Meetup, Geosciences Social Media Panel, Various Talks/Posters.

Blog: SpaceInfo. Contact: Jonathan Nally
About: SpaceInfo brings you a hand-picked selection of news and images from the fields of astronomy and space exploration, updated daily.
Topics at Meeting: Cassini results, the Sun, Glory and Aquarius missions, Opportunity rover.

Blog: The Euroscientist. Contact: Simon Schneider
About: The Euroscientist is the official publication of the Euroscience organisation.
Topics at Meeting: Public Outreach, Public Affairs and about all sessions I am able to visit.

Blog: The Landslide Blog. Contact: Dave Petley
About: Landslides.
Topics at Meeting: Landslides, natural hazards, earth surface processes, maybe a bit of climate change.

Blog: The Martian Chronicles. Contact: Ryan Anderson
About: Planetary science and anything else that interests me.
Topics at Meeting: Anything that catches my interest.

Blog: Universe Today. Contact: Nancy Atkinson
About: Space and Astronomy news
Topics at Meeting:

Blog: What on Earth?. Contact: Adam Voiland
About: News, notes, and more about NASA and earth science
Topics at Meeting: Climate, aerosols, geology, cryosphere