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The 2006 Joint Assembly, a partnership between AGU, GS, MAS, MSA, SEG, and UGM is being held 23-26 May 2006 at the Baltimore Convention Center (CC), located at 1 West Pratt Street, Baltimore, Maryland. The Program Committee is developing a Union-wide science program that will cover topics in all areas of geophysical sciences. Located in the heart of Baltimore's booming downtown and Inner Harbor, the Joint Assembly is sure to offer exciting sessions and a relaxing atmosphere.

Sponsoring Societies

AGU (American Geophysical Union) is an international scientific society of over 41,000 members that advances the understanding of Earth, atmospheric, oceanic, hydrologic, space, and planetary sciences. AGU is dedicated to fostering high-quality scientific research, disseminating the results of that research, enhancing educational opportunities in science, and encouraging international cooperation in geophysics.

AGU's mission is to promote the scientific study of Earth and its environment in space and to disseminate the results to the public; to promote cooperation among scientific organizations involved in geophysics and related disciplines; to initiate and participate in geophysical research programs; and to advance the various geophysical disciplines through scientific discussion, publication, and dissemination of information. AGU now stands as a leader in the increasingly interdisciplinary global endeavor that encompasses the geophysical sciences.

The GS (Geochemical Society) is a private, nonprofit international scientific society founded to encourage the application of chemistry to the solution of geological and cosmological problems. Membership is international and diverse in background, encompassing such fields as organic geochemistry, high- and low-temperature geochemistry, petrology, meteoritics, fluid-rock interaction, and isotope geochemistry.

MAS (The Microbeam Analysis Society) members have an active interest in microbeam instrumentation. Microbeam instrumentation includes, but is not limited to, instruments utilizing electron, ion, or photon beams to characterize any material, organic, inorganic, or biological. The Society provides a forum for members from industrial and academic settings, engaged in research, development, analysis and instrument manufacturing, to exchange ideas and practical experience. .

The MSA (Mineralogical Society of America) provides a forum for individuals interested in mineralogy, crystallography, and petrology.

The SEG (Society of Exploration Geophysicists) promotes the science of geophysics and the education of exploration geophysicists. The Society fosters the expert and ethical practice of geophysics in the exploration and development of natural resources, in characterizing the near-surface, and in mitigating Earth hazards.

UGM (Unión Geofísica Mexicana) promotes the cooperation between scientific organizations whose objectives include the promotion of the knowledge of geophysical disciplines.


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