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Meeting Calendar
 18 Apr  Registration Deadline
 20 Apr  Housing Registration Deadline


Pick up your preregistration materials or register on-site at the Acapulco Convention Center, located at Av. Costera Miguel Alemán Núm. 4455 in Acapulco, Mexico beginning at 1100h on Monday, 21 May.

Make Plans to Attend the Following Union Activities

Opening Ceremony
Tuesday, 22 May, 0800h, ACC, Juan Ruiz Auditorium
The International Award Lecture presented by Uppugunduri Aswathanarayana
Tuesday, 22 May, 0930h, ACC, Juan Ruiz Auditorium
AGU Honors Ceremony and Fiesta
Thursday, 24 May, 1900h, Hyatt Regency Acapulco
The Ceremony is free. A ticket is required for the Fiesta.

AGU Fellows Session

Tuesday, 22 May

  • B23A The Fellows Speak: Perspectives on the Science From the New Biogeosciences Section, ACC, Room 03, 1400h
  • H24A The Fellows Speak: Perspectives on the Science From the New Hydrology Section, ACC, Room 06, 1620h

Wednesday, 23 May

  • A34A Atmospheric Sciences Fellows Lectures, ACC, Room 02, 1620h

Thursday, 24 May

  • OS42A Research Highlights in the Ocean Sciences by 2007 AGU Fellows, ACC, Room 07, 1020h

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