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Meeting Calendar
 18 Apr  Registration Deadline
 20 Apr  Housing Registration Deadline

Meeting Program

Presenting Authors & Session Chairs

Presenting Authors and Session Chairs: please review the information page containing details regarding your oral or poster session.

Oral Sessions

There are four 2-hour blocks of oral sessions each day.

Oral Sessions location: Cholula and Chichen-Itza Halls

Poster Sessions

Poster sessions are scheduled Tuesday through Friday in the Chichen-Itza Hall. Poster sessions are active for one half day, although authors must put displays up in the morning and remove them at the end of the day. Presenters should find the board that corresponds with their full paper number.

Poster Sessions location: Chichen-Itza Hall

Union Lectures

Tuesday, 22 May

U21A International Award Lecture
ACC, Juan Ruiz Auditorium, 0930h
Presented by Uppugunduri Aswathanarayana, Mahadevan International Centre for Water Resources Management, India

Bowie* and Named Lectures

A22A Charney Lecture*
ACC, Juan Ruiz Auditorium, 1020h
Interactions Between Climate and Tropical Cyclones
Presented by P.J. Webster, Georgia Institute of Technology

Thursday, 24 May

V43C Daly Lecture*
Unlocking the Secrets of the Mantle Wedge: New Insights Into Melt Generation Processes in Subduction Zones
ACC, Juan Ruiz Auditorium, 1400h
Presented by T.L. Grove, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

SA44A, SH44A, SM44A Parker Lecture*
The Parker Heliospheric Magnetic Field Model: A Diagnostic of Ulysses Field and Particle Observations
ACC, Juan Ruiz Auditorium, 1620h
Presented by E.J. Smith, JPL/NASA

OS44B Rachel Carson Lecture
Crossing the Threshold: From Climate to its Human Dimensions
ACC, Juan Ruiz Auditorium, 1730h
Presented by P. Cornejo, FIMCO-ESCUELA

* part of the Bowie Lecture series

Program Committee

Co-Chairs and Union (U)
Michael Brown, Department of Geology, University of Maryland, College Park, MD, 20742-4211, USA, Phone: +1-301-405-4080, Fax: +1-301-314-9661, Email:
Jaime Urrutia Fucugauchi, Ciudad Universitaria, Delegacion Coyoacan, Instituto de Geofisica, Laboratorio de Paleomagnetismo y Paleoambientes, Mexico, Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico, D.F. 04510, Mexico, Phone: 052-55-56224227, Fax: 052-55-55509395, Email:
Atmospheric Sciences (A)
John Bates, NCDC NOAA/NESDIS, 151 Patton Avenue, Asheville, NC, 28801-5001, USA, Phone: +1-828-271-4378, Fax: +1-828-271-4378, Email:
Carlos Nobre, Brazil, Email:
Mary Barth, NCAR Mesoscale and Microscale Meteorology Division, P.O. Box 3000, Boulder, CO, 80307, USA, Phone: +1-303-497-8186, Fax: +1-303-497-8171 or 1400, Email:
Biogeosciences (B)
Amy Austin, Argentina, Email:
Jeffrey R. White, Environmental Biogeochemistry, SPEA, Indiana University, 1315 E. 10th St., Bloomington, IN, 47405-2100, USA, Phone: +1-812-855-4556, Email:
Cryosphere (C)
Danny Marks, Northwest Watershed Research Center, USDA Agricultural Research Center, Boise, ID, 83712-7716, USA, Phone: +1-208-422-0721, Fax: +1-208-344-1502, Cell: +1-208-863-3378, Email:
Earth and Space Science Informatics (IN)
Thomas Yoksas, UCAR, Unidata, 1850 Table Mesa Dr., Boulder, CO, 80305-0000, Phone: +1-303- 497-8642, Email:
Geochemical Society (GS)
Tracy Rushmer, Dept. Geology, University of Vermont, Delehanty Hall Trinity Campus, Burlington, VT, 05405-0122, USA, Phone: +1-802- 658-6031, Fax: +1-802-656-8136, Email:
Geodesy (G)
Luiz Paulo S. Fortes, Directorate of Geosciences, Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics - IBGE, Av. Brasil 15671, Parada de Lucas, Rio de Janeiro, RJ, Brazil, 21241-051, Brazil, Phone: +55-21-2142-4990, Fax: +55-21-2142-4910, Email:
Richard A. Bennett, Dept Geosciences, Univ Arizona, 1040 E 4th Street, Tucson, AZ, 85721-0077, USA, Phone: +1-520-621-2324, Fax: +1-520-621-2672, Email:
Geomagnetism and Paleomagnetism (GP)
Avto Gogichaishvili, Instituto de Geofisica Mexico, Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico, D.F. 04510, Mexico, Phone: 052-55-56224230, Fax: 052-55-55509395, Email:
Hydrology (H)
Tom Bullen, U.S. Geological Survey, 345 Middlefield Road, MS 420, Menlo Park, CA, 94025, USA, Phone: +1-650-329-4577, Fax: +1-650-329-4538, Email:
Alvaro Aldama, Instituto Mexicano de Tecnologia del Agua Yautepec, Morelos, Mexico, Email:
Mineralogical Society of America (MSA)
William Minarik, Geochemistry and Laser Ablation Mass Spectrometry Earth & Planetary Sciences, McGill University, 3450 University Street, Montreal, H3A 2A7, Canada, Phone: +1-514-398-2596, Fax: +1-514-398-4680,
Near Surface Geophysics (NS)
Lee Slater, Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences, Rutgers University, Smith 142, 101 Warren Street, Newark, NJ, 07102, +1-973-353-5109, Phone: +1-973-353-1965, Email:
Ocean Sciences (OS)
Raleigh Hood, UMCES/HPL, Univ of Maryland, 2020 Horns Point Rd POB 775, Cambridge, MD, 21613-0000, USA, Phone: +1-410-221-8434, Fax: +1-410-221-8490, Email:
Badan Antonio, CICESE, Km 107, Carretera Tijuana-Ensenada, Ensenada, Baja, California, Mexico, Email:
Planetary Sciences (P)
Rossman Irwin, Center for Earth and Planetary Studies, Smithsonian Institute, 6th Street and Independence Ave., SW, Washington, DC, 20013-7102, Phone: +1-202-633-2476, Email:
Seismology (S)
Souza de Assumpcao Marcelo, Departmento de Geofisica, Universidade de Sao Paolo, Brazil, Phone: +11-3091-4755, Fax: +11-3091-5034, Email:
Space Physics and Aeronomy (SPA)
Art Richmond, NCAR High Altitude Observatory, PO Box 3000, Boulder, CO, 80307-3000, USA, Phone: +1-303-497-1570, Fax: +1-303-497-1589, Email:
Joseph Mazur, The Aerospace Corporation, CH3/210, 15049 Conference Center Drive, Chantilly, VA, 20151, USA, Phone: +1-703-324-8915, Fax: +1-703-324-0135, Email:
Craig Kletzing, Department of Physics and Astronomy, University of Iowa, Room 203, Van Allen Hall, Iowa City, IA, 52242, USA, Phone: +1-319-335-1904, Fax: +1-319-335-1753, Email:
Tectonophysics (T)
Victor Ramos, Buenos Aires, Argentina, Email:
Volcanology, Geochemistry, and Petrology (V)
Gerardo Carrasco, Centro de Geociencias, Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico, Juriquilla, Queretaro, Mexico, Email:
AGU Staff
Brenda Weaver, Director of Meetings, Phone: +1-202-777-7333, Email:
Shermonta L. Grant, Meetings Coordinator, Phone: +1-202-777-7329, Email:
Melissa Markowitz, Meetings Coordinator, Phone: +1-202-777-7332, Email:
AGU, 2000 Florida Avenue, NW, Washington, DC, 20009, USA, Phone: +1-202-462-6900, Fax: +1-202-328-0566,