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Meeting Calendar
 18 Apr  Registration Deadline
 20 Apr  Housing Registration Deadline

Meeting Services


All attendees must register and wear badges while attending Joint Assembly Functions.

Registration Hours

Monday, 21 May: 1100h - 1900h
Tuesday, 22 May: 0700h - 1800h
Wednesday, 23 May: 0730h - 1800h
Thursday, 24 May: 0730h - 1800h
Friday, 25 May: 0730h - 1400h

Wednesday - Friday, 0930h - 1820h
Chichen-Itza Hall

AGU Booth
Tuesday - Friday, 0930h - 1820h
Chichen-Itza Hall

Donor Circle Lounge
Tuesday - Friday, 0730h - 1830h
Cholula Hall

The Donor Circle Lounge offers a quiet atmosphere for Supporting Members and special AGU guests to start the morning, unwind in the afternoon, mingle, prepare for a presentation, and check e-mail.

E-Mail/Wireless Café
Tuesday - Friday, 0730h - 1830h
Chichen-Itza Hall

A Wireless Internet Café and e-mail terminals are available in the Chichen-Itza Hall.

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Speaker Ready Room
Cholula Lobby (located behind the Registration Desk)
Hours of Operation
Monday 21 May, 0120h-1800h
Tuesday 22 May, 0700h-1800h
Wednesday 23 May, 0700h-1800h
Thursday 24 May, 0700h-1800h
Friday 24 May, 0700h-1800h

We strongly encourage checking into the Speaker Ready Room to upload your presentation before giving your presentation. Checking in at the Speaker Ready Room is the most important step you will take to ensure your presentation is a success. Those presenting on Tuesday should check in on Monday when they register for the meeting.

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Media/Press Room
Tuesday - Thursday, 0730h-1830h
Friday, 0730h-1630h
Chichen-Itza Hall, Room 15

As part of Joint Assembly's goal to promote public understanding of geophysics, AGU operates a newsroom and holds news conferences at its meetings. News releases and copies of journal articles about research being presented at the meeting are made available to reporters in the newsroom.

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Message and Information Center
Monday, 1600h - 1900h
Tuesday - Friday, 0730h - 1800h
Chichen-Itza Lobby
This is the central information center for Joint Assembly. Messages can be posted on a message board for meeting attendees.

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Guests, or spouses not attending the scientific sessions, may register at the meeting at no charge. A guest is a spouse, friend, or adult child (18 and over) who is not in a geophysical sciences related occupation or field. A coworker or an associate working in a related geophysical sciences field or studying geophysics in school may not use the Guest Registration category. Registered guests may go to the exhibits and attend and purchase tickets to social events at the advertised rates.

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Tuesday - Friday
Chichen-Itza Hall
  1000h - 1100h
  1600h - 1700h