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Coverage:This database covers the 2007 Joint Assembly.
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Types of database records

There are two types of records:
(1) Abstract Entries showing details of each presentation, including time, abstract number, title, author, affiliation, phone, e-mail, abstract text, URL, section, descriptors; and
(2) Session Entries, which include session code, location, day, session name, presiding session convenor, and introduction details, if any.


Field	Field
Tag	Name		Example
Abstract Entry search for AN = "U12A-01"
HR: 	Time 		0840h
AN: 	Abstract Number	U21A-01  INVITED
LO:	Location	MC 130
DA:	Day		Monday
TI: 	Title		Needed: A Truly Interdisciplinary Approach for Assessing
			Global Climate Change.
AU: 	Author		*Kaufmann, R K
EM: 	E-mail		Kaufmann@bu.edu
AF: 	Affiliation	Center for Energy and Environmental Studies, 675
			Commonwealth Avenue, Boston University, Boston, MA 02215,
AB: 	Abstract 	Our understanding of global climate change is enhanced by
			linking theoretical and empirical models generated by
			individual disciplines from natural and social sciences.
UR:	URL		http://www.agu.org
SC: 	Section		U
DE: 	Descriptors	1600
DE: 	Descriptors	6300
DE: 	Descriptors	6620
MN: 	Meeting Name	1998 Spring Meeting

Session Entry: search for SS = U21A

SS:	Session Code	U21A
DA:	Day		Tues  0830h
LO:	Location	CC:112
SN:	Session Name	Incorporating Human Dimensions in Earth System Models I
PR:	Presiding 	D Sahagian, Univ of New Hampshire; L Kohler,
                            Univ of Bonn
                        INTRODUCTION: D Sahagian,Univ of New Hampshire
MN:	Meeting Name	1998 Spring Meeting

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