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Town Hall Meetings

Tuesday, 10 August, 1245h–1345h

Natural Hazards in Latin America and the Caribbean (NHLAC): From Risk to Opportunity by Partnership of Science and Society

Room Salao Iguacu I

The NHLAC Town Hall meeting will address the following topics:

(i) How science (both natural and social) and society can form partnership for disaster mitigation/reduction?
(ii) How science and society partnerships can turn natural disaster risks into opportunities?
(iii) What are the urgent issues of disaster risk in LAC cities and regions under increasing natural and social pressures?

Scientists, public managers, policy makers and other stakeholders are invited to present and discuss pressing problems, potential solutions and programs, and to identify potential barriers and breakthroughs.

Outstanding Problems of the Deep Structure of the South American Lithosphere: A Prospectus for Future Geophysical Surveys

Room Salao Iguacu II
Sponsored by IRIS and Petrobras
Cosponsored by Seismology and Tectonics

The South American continent and its margins embody major unresolved issues of global importance to understanding lithospheric structure and evolution. Although portions of the Andes, the Brazilian craton, and the Caribbean plate boundary have been the subject of recent deep geophysical investigations, much of the remaining continental mass remains largely unexplored. This session is intended to provide a forum for the articulation and discussion of the diverse geological and geodynamic problems that future deep geophysical surveys might address, as well as the potential for a systematic program along the lines of EarthScope or Lithoprobe to implement such surveys.

Wednesday, 11 August, 1245h–1345h

An International Geoscience Initiative

Room Salao Iguacu I
Sponsored by Geological Society of America, American Geological Institute, Geological Society of London, and British Geological Survey

This Town Hall meeting will be the fourth of a series of meetings — GSA and AGU in 2009, EGU 2010 and finally Meeting of the Americas 2010. The aim is to mobilise the geosciences community, and specifically the Earth scientists, behind a series of world class integrated science projects. The objective of this Town Hall Meeting is to present this initiative which we hope will have gathered significant momentum through the past several months. Three speakers will present thoughts on key global scale geoscience challenges. Summaries from the first three Town Hall Meetings can be found at http://www.agiweb.org/members/ggi/.

Thursday, 12 August, 1245h–1345h

Water Sector Capacity Building for Latin and Caribbean America

Room Salao Iguacu I
Sponsored by The Group on Earth Observations (GEO) and NASA
Cosponsored by Hydrology and Atmospheric Sciences

Recently, the Group on Earth Observations (GEO) has made significant progress in the development of plans for improving the capacity of nations in Latin and Caribbean Americas to deal with water management issues. This effort, which started with a workshop in Lima Peru in December 2009, is being advanced by experts who are developing a set of research activities and plans. The Town Hall meeting will be of interest to hydrologists, atmospheric scientists, and others. In addition to informing attendees about the plans, the meeting will help GEO to identify experts and activities that could accelerate the development of this program.