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(Subject: 2010 Meeting of the Americas)

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Courses & Workshops

Science Communication Workshop

Short Course in Earth System Data Access, Use and Sharing

Introduction to Seismic Processing with GêBR

GIFT (Geophysical Information for Teachers): Training Workshop for Teachers

Short Course in Paleomagnetism

Managing Waveform Data and Related Metadata for Seismic Networks

Science Communication Workshop

When: Sunday, 8 August 2010 (1:30 PM – 4:30 PM)
Where: Press Room: Parana IV
Registration: CLOSED
Learn how to convey your research findings more simply, clearly, and effectively. The tools and skills you pick up in this workshop will help you communicate with the press and the public. Activities will include practice during the workshop at giving brief conversational talks about your latest results. These talks will be videotaped, replayed in the workshop, and discussed by you, workshop leaders, and fellow participants to help improve everybody’s communication skills. A certificate of attendance will be provided to all the participants who require it when registering.

Short Course in Earth System Data Access, Use and Sharing

When: Sunday, 8 August (0900h – 1300h; 1400h – 1800h)
Where: Rafain Convention Center, Room Iguassu III 
Lecturers: Tom Yoksas (Unidata Program Center/UCAR, USA), Waldenio Gambi de Almeida (INPE, Brazil), Luis Farfan (CICESE, Mexico), Guilherme Chagas (U. Aveiro, Portugal)
Registration fee: $30.00 U. S. Dollars

The goals of the short course are to:

This one day short course will be comprised of short presentations-on and hands-on interactions-with Unidata's TDS, RAMADDA and IDV packages. The targeted audience is Earth System scientists and students who are registered for the Joint Assembly. Special emphasis will be placed on access-to and use-of atmospheric science-related data.

Participants are required to furnish their own laptop computers and to be adept at installing and configuring new software on their machines. The TDS, RAMADDA, and the IDV are Java-based applications that require Java 1.6. The TDS requires that the host machine have Apache Tomcat installed; RAMADDA can use Tomcat or run in standalone mode. Because of its design as a 3-D/4-D visualization application, the IDV requires that the user's machine provide full OpenGL video support and be configured with at least 1 GB of RAM (2 GB or more is strongly recommended).

Those interested in learning more about the short course and/or registering should contact Tom Yoksas (yoksas@unidata.ucar.edu) or Waldenio G. Almeida (waldenio.almeida@cptec.inpe.br). Maximum 30 participants.

Introduction to Seismic Processing with GêBR

When: Sunday, 8 August (0900h – 1300h; 1400h – 1800h)
Where: Rafain Convention Center, Room Iguassu IV 
Lecturers: Ricardo Biloti (Unicamp, Brazil) and Luis Alberto D'Afonseca (Unicamp, Brazil)
Registration fee: $30.00 U.S. Dollars

This one-day short course will introduce the fundamentals of conventional seismic processing in time: data acquisition, source-receiver configurations, data sort, normal-move out corrections, velocity analysis, stacking, and time migration. The core concepts of the seismic processing interface GêBR will be explained. All practical exercises will be done inside GêBR environment which is free software. Participants must bring their own notebooks. Installation of GêBR platform will be provided. Interested participants must contact biloti@ime.unicamp.br for more information. Maximum 30 participants; all must bring laptops.

GIFT (Geophysical Information for Teachers): Training Workshop for Teachers

When: Sunday, 8 August – Monday, 9 August (time to be determined)
Where: Rafain Convention Center, Room Parana II 
Lecturers: Michael Passow (Earth2Class, Englewood, New Jersey, USA), Celso Carneiro (Unicamp, Brazil), and Nisia Krushe (FURG, Brazil)
Registration: Free of charge, but the meeting registration is mandatory; a reduced fee is available for teachers.
Agenda [PDF]

This 2-day GIFT workshop will present Earth systems science research related to rain, rocks, and soils, with a focus on remote sensing. This course is designed for middle and high school teachers who will gain hands-on activities and ideas for their classrooms. Topics include: geography, geology, weather and climate of South America; use of TRMM (Tropical Rainfall Measuring Mission) satellite data; effects of rain on rocks: weathering and the carbon cycle; predictions of impacts from future climate changes and water supplies; educators' challenges in teaching climate change; inspiring future decision-makers now in schools; and sharing teachers' experiences. For more information, contact Celso Carneiro (cedrec@ige.unicamp.br) or Nisia Krusche (nkrusche@furg.br). Maximum 35 participants.

Short Course in Paleomagnetism — Cancelled

An online course will be held; See details

When: Sunday, 8 August (0900h – 1300h; 1400h – 1830h)
Where: Rafain Convention Center, Iguassu V
Lecturer: Lisa Tauxe (University of California at San Diego, USA)
Registration: Free of charge, but meeting registration is mandatory.

This one-day short course in paleomagnetism will combine lectures and "hands on" problem sessions. The course will be tailored to students and professional Earth scientists with no special knowledge of paleomagnetism. The course is available to only participants registered for the meeting. Participants must bring their own laptops. Those interested in attending must email organizers: Lisa Tauxe (ltauxe@ucsd.edu) and Avto Gogichaishvili (avto@geofisica.unam.mx). Maximum 30 participants.

Managing Waveform Data and Related Metadata for Seismic Networks

When: post-meeting; 13-19 August (time to be determined)
Where: Bella Itália Hotel
Lecturer: To Be Announced
Registration: CLOSED
No registration fee will be charged, but all applications must be made at the IRIS web site.

The Incorporated Research Institutions for Seismology (IRIS) and the FDSN are organizing a workshop on data management for seismological networks, co-sponsored by CERESIS and IASPEI. The goal is to enable open data sharing and exchange of ideas between networks in the Americas and to assist operators of seismic networks in the generation of metadata for their stations. We shall provide training in seismometry, data acquisition systems, digital filtering theory, quality assurance of seismological data, and how modern seismological data are used to study diverse scientific problems as well as monitoring seismicity. The primary goal of the workshop is the generation of the metadata needed to describe their networks using the Portable Data Collection Center (PDCC) application. We expect participants to come away from the workshop with all the necessary knowledge to set up and maintain their own database and to link their network to the growing global network for data access. Specific Requirements: Participants MUST be able to bring their own laptops. Participant's laptops will need to meet special requirements. Maximum 35 participants.