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 20 Feb  2006 Ocean Sciences Meeting

2006 Ocean Sciences Meeting

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The 13th Ocean Sciences Meeting, a joint meeting of ASLO, ERF, TOS and AGU, will be held 20-24 February 2006 at the Hawaii Convention Center located at 1801 Kalakaua Avenue, Honolulu, Hawaii. The Program Committee is developing a scientific program that will cover all topics in the area of Ocean Sciences.


AGU is an international scientific society of over 42,000 members from 130 countries that fosters high-quality scientific research in the understanding of Earth and atmospheric, oceanic, hydrologic, space and planetary sciences.

ASLO is the leading professional organization for researchers and educators in the field of aquatic science, fostering a diverse, international scientific community that creates, integrates and communicates knowledge across the full spectrum of aquatic science.

TOS strives to disseminate knowledge of oceanography and its application through research and education, to promote communications among oceanographers, and to provide a constituency for consensus building across all of the disciplines of the field.


ERF members are dedicated to advancing human understanding and appreciation of the Earth's estuaries and coasts, to the wise use and management of these environments and to making the results of their research and management actions available to their colleagues and to the public.


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