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  Program and Abstracts

Burn Your Own Meeting CD

This ISO image file is generated from the final production CD-ROM master, and it includes the full Java search application. To produce your meeting CD locally, download the .iso image file and use any reliable CD burning software to create a CD from the .iso image. The self-produced CD will be functionally identical to the production CD with both the full browsable program and abstract information as well as the searchable database.

CD software

There are many CD burning software applications available for Windows and Macintosh platforms, often supplied with the computer. Burning a CD can sometimes be a little tricky. Choose the software you are most familiar with or that can be supported at your institution.

General guidelines for burning the CD

  • exit all other applications
  • download the .zip file and extract the .ISO file to its own suitable folder (e.g. C:\OS06)
  • make the appropriate selection to create a *data* CD
  • look for a selection to create a CD from an *ISO image*
  • select write speed *slower* than the maximum to avoid overload

Important Notice

The content of this file includes search software that is governed by a license agreement between Astaware Inc. and AGU. Downloading of this file is strictly limited to the creation of one (1) single CD for individual use only. The user agrees not to create or distribute multiple copies of its content.

Download: [32 MB]