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Abstract Finder

Welcome to this special feature of the News Media website for anyone who needs to search the 2010 Ocean Sciences Meeting abstracts by affiliation or location.


Download an Excel spreadsheet [.xls 1.52MB] that lists the presentation number, title, authors, and affiliations for all presentations at the 2010 Ocean Sciences Meeting. With this spreadsheet, you can use Excel's standard "Find" command to search for presentations by researchers at specific institutions or locations.

After you find a presentation of interest in the spreadsheet, you can access the text of its abstract by copying the number of the presentation from the spreadsheet's far left column (called "Paper No"), pasting it into the "Final ID/Program Number" field of the Ocean Sciences Meeting's scientific program search engine, and clicking on the orange-colored Search button (with magnifying glass icon) at the bottom of the search-engine form. Your abstract will appear in a pop-up window.

(Please note: We are providing this Abstract Finder spreadsheet to members of the news media because the capability to search by affiliation or location—usually a feature of the search engine for each AGU meeting's scientific program—is missing from the current scientific program search engine.)

If you have questions about using this spreadsheet or the scientific program's search engine, please contact Peter Weiss (pweiss@agu.org) or Maria-José Viñas (mjvinas@agu.org).