Instructions for 2002 Spring Meeting Abstract Volume CD-ROM

How to cite 2002 Spring Meeting abstracts:

Eos Trans. AGU, 83(19), Spring Meet. Suppl., Abstract #####-##, 2002

Software Requirements

The 2002 Spring Meeting Abstract Volume CD Rom contains the program and abstracts of the 2002 Spring Meeting. The information is stored in both HTML and PDF formats as browsable tables and a searchable database. The CD-ROM is designed to run on Windows and Macintosh platforms. A version 4.* or later WWW browser (Netscape Navigator or MS Internet Explorer) with Java support is required to browse and search the abstracts. It is recommended to use the latest available browser release. To view, print or search the PDF files, the Adobe Acrobat Reader is required. To download, go to:

Installation Instructions

WINDOWS 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP

The default page sm02glan.html will be loaded automatically in the browser when the CD is inserted into the CD-ROM drive. No special installation of files on to the hard disk is required.
To exit the CD use the "Stop Search Service" button and click on "Yes" to stop the search service.

MACINTOSH 8.* or later

Place the CD in the CD-ROM drive.
To launch the application drag the file named "Start Search Service.hqx" from the root of the CD onto the Desktop and double click on it. [If installation is arrested, your File Sharing Control Panel has not been configured so that Stuffit Expander opens any file with a '.hqx' extension. Correct this and configure your favorite web browser to open any '.htm' or '.html' file.] During installation, a folder called 'NRPrefs' will be placed in your Preferences folder, and an alias to the "Start Search Service" application within 'NRPrefs' will be placed on your desktop. [If these settings are not configured, you will get dialogue boxes in the Finder requesting you to choose an appropriate helper application.]

Double click on the "Start Search Service" alias on the Desktop. The application will launch & leave a Java console window open stating, "Waiting for the client's request." The web browser will open 'sm02glan.html' from the CD.
To exit the CD you must quit both the web browser and the "Start Search Service" manually in order to eject the disk. To quit the "Start Search Service", click on the Java console and then click on 'Quit' from the Apple main menu.