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Chiang Kai Shek Memorial Taipei
Taiwan Hualien Taroko National Park
Taiwan Hualien Taroko National Park

Local Attractions and Activities

Suggested Taiwan Sightseeing Tours

To book a tour during your visit, please complete the Tour Reservation Form [PDF] and return to Edison Travel Service at the email or fax number at the bottom of the form.

Taipei City Tour

Morning & Afternoon Tour
Pick‐up: 08:00–09:00 AM (At hotel lobby)
01:00–02:00 PM (At hotel lobby)
Duration: 3hrs
Adult's fare: NT$900

Tour stops:

Presidential Office (Pass by)—Chiang Kai‐Shek Memorial Hall, Martyrs' Shrine, National Palace Museum, Chinese Temple, Handicraft Center

  • Chiang Kai‐Shek Memorial Hall: It is an impressive monument to a great Chinese leader. The majestic hall towers over 25 hectares of landscaped gardens, graceful pavilions, and ponds. A statue of late President Chiang looks out over the city from the main building. An elegant Ming‐style arch at the main entrance is flanked by two classical‐style buildings, the National Theater and the National Concert Hall. The square between the buildings is a popular gathering place during festive occasions.
  • Martyrs' Shrine: It is an excellent example of classical Ming dynasty architecture, dedicated to the fallen heroes of China's wars. There is an hourly changing of the guard ceremony at the entrance which many people find interesting.
  • National Palace Museum: Taipei's National Palace Museum houses the world's largest collection of Chinese art treasure. Most of the 620,000 art objects were part of the Chinese imperial collection that was brought to Taiwan for safe‐keeping. The collection is too large to be displayed at one time! While many popular pieces remain on permanent display, other items are rotated regularly, making each visit unique.
  • Chinese Temples: There are a lot of traditional Chinese temples in Taipei City. Those places represented the centers of people's religious activities. Meticulously designed and built, the faithful believers showed their respects to the Holy Gods, and lots of smoke from incense suffused within those temples.
  • Handicraft Center: It is a one‐stop shopping place in Taipei for gift, jewelry, art, furniture, and many other inexpensive mementos.

Northern Coast Tour

Morning Tour
Pick‐up: 08:00–09:00 AM (At hotel lobby)
Duration: 4 hrs
Adult's fare: NT$1,000

Tour stops:

Keelung City, Keelung Harbour, Buddha Statue, Yehliu Park, Queen's Head

  • Keelung: Keelung, a 40‐minute drive northeast of Taipei, is one of Taiwan's international seaports and transportation bubs. On the Chung Cheng Park, you can view the huge statue of the Goddess of Mercy and also a panoramic view of Keelung Harbour.
  • Yehliu Park: Yehliu is famous for its natural rocks formations which are an amazing array of artistic shapes created by erosion and other natural forces. Among the rocks, the Queen's Head is one of the most famous one.

One Day Taroko (Marble) Gorge Tour

Whole Day Tour
Pick‐up: 06:00–06:30 AM (At hotel lobby)
Adult's fare: NT$4,900
(Passport needed for enplaning)
Includes: One way air ticket, one way train ticket and lunch


Pick‐up from hotel, Transfer to Taipei Domestic Airport, Arrive at Hualien, Enbus for Taroko Gorge Gateway, Eternal‐Spring Shrine, Swallow Caves, Tunnel of Nine Turns, Lunch at Tienhsiang Lodge Marble factory, Chi Hsing Beach, Hualien Stone Sculptural Park, Entrain for Taipei, Transfer to hotel

  • Taroko (Marble) Gorge Tour: Taroko Gorge is one of the seven wonders of Asia that no traveler should miss. After a 25‐minute flight from Taipei to Hualien, you will be guided along a 12‐mile stretch of highway built into awesome marble cliffs high above the rushing river. Your route will take you through 38 tunnels including the Swallows Grotto, the Tunnel of Nine Turns and the Marble Bridge of Motherly Devotion. After lunch you will visit Chi Hsing Beach and Stone Sculptural Park. Take a very pleasant train ride back to Taipei around 7:15 PM.

Special Arrangements Available

1. Overnight stay (One way by train) NT$5,800
2. Single room extra NT$1,000

2 Days 921‐Earthquake Museum and Sun Moon Lake Tour

Departure Date: 26 June 2010
Pick‐up: 08:00–09:00 AM (At hotel lobby)
2 Days & 1 Night Tour
Adult's fare: NT$6,000
All inclusive except lunch and dinner
NT$1,000 extra for single room
Minimum no. of passengers: 10


Day 1: Pick‐up from hotel, Enbus for Nantou, Sun Moon Lake Lake Bus Tour (Wenwu Temple, Tehua Vellage, Tse‐en Pagoda, Holy Monk Shrine), 921 Earthquake Museum (), Taichung City (Overnight at Taichung City)

Day 2: Taichung City, Lukang historical and cultural town, Entrain or Enbus for Taipei

  • 921‐earthquake Museum: At 01:47AM on September 21, 1999, the central part of Taiwan was struck by an earthquake that registered 7.3 on the Richter Scale. The resultant loss of life and damage to property put it among the worst natural disasters of the past century in Taiwan. In the wake of the 921 disaster, the local government decided to preserve some of the phenomena related to the earthquake such as slips in the fault line, collapsed school structures, raised river beds and other selected locations, to serve as reminders for the public of the need to prepare for such disasters and to be ready to provide emergency rescue services.
  • Sun Moon Lake: The poetically lake is the most famous lake attraction in Taiwan . With over 100 square kilometers, the lake got its name because the northern part of it has the shape of the sun and the southern part of it has the shape of crescent moon (those two parts are separated by Guang‐hua Island). "Autumn Moon Scene of the Sun Moon Lake" is considered as the most attractive 12 sights in Taiwan.
  • Lukang: The Village of Lukang, located about 180 kilometers south of Taipei, is known as a center of arts and handicrafts, particularly wooden and bamboo items. It is the nearest port to the coast of Mainland China. In earlier years, the city was the site of magnificent homes and temples of uniquely Taiwanese architecture. Some of these structures still exist today. The Lung Shan Temple is the prime example.