2007 AGU Fall Meeting 2007 AGU Fall Meeting

Tuesday, 11 December

V21f Bowen Lecture:

Physical and Chemical Properties of Melts Under Deep Earth Conditions and Their Importance in Geodynamics
   Presented by: Eiji Ohtani, Tohoku University

The Origin of the Moon and the Early History of the Earth Revisited
   Presented by: Hugu S. O'Neil, Australian National University

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S22A Gutenberg Lecture: Persistent Behaviors of the Sunda Megathrust in Sumatra: Opportunities to Forecast Destructive Earthquakes

Presented by: Kerry Sieh, California Institute of Technology

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H22A Langbein Lecture:Benchmark in Hydrogeology in the 20th Century — Unexpected Payoffs

Presented by: Mary P. Anderson, University of Wisconsin — Madison

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NG23A Lorenz Lecture: Role of Fractals in Solid Earth Geophysics

Presented by: Vijay Prasad Dimri, National Geophysical Research institute

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PP24A Emiliani Lecture: Changes in Attitude on Equatorial Latitudes: Tropical Climate Evolution During the Ice Ages

Presented by: David W. Lea, University of California

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C24A Nye Lecture: Arctic Climate Change: Where Reality Exceeds Expectations

Presented by: Mark C. Serreze, National Snow and Ice Data Center, part of CIRES at the University of Colorado at Boulder

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SA24B Nicolet Lecture:Geospace Imaging: The Big Picture

Presented by: Robert R. Meier, George Mason University

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T24A Birch Lecture: Mountain Ranges and the Deformation of Continents

Presented by: Jean-Philippe Avouac, California Institute of Technology

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G24B Bowie Lecture: High-Rate GPS Earthquakes, Ice Sheets, and Volcanoes

Presented by: Kristine M. Larson, University of Colorado

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Wednesday, 12 December

A23E Bjerknes Lecture: A Review of Stratospheric Ozone Depletion, and Some Linkages and Parallels to Climate Change

Presented by: Susan Solomon, NOAA

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P33D Shoemaker Lecture: The Geology of Mars as Seen by MRO's HiRISE

Presented by: Alfred S. McEwen, University of Arizona

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P33E Whipple Lecture: The Importance of a Program of Mars Exploration

Presented by: Raymond E. Arvidson, Washington University

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GP34B Bullard Lecture: On the Trail of Bullard's Dynamo

Presented by: Peter Olson, John Hopkins University

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Tuesday, 13 December

P45A Sagan Lecture: Exploring Titan, An Earth-like Organic Paradise

Presented by: Ralph D. Lorenz, John Hopkins University

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Webcast at the AGU Fall Meeting

Union Agency Lecture: Reflections on the Science and Policy of Energy and Climate Change

Presented by: John H. Marburger, III, Director, Office of Science and Technology Policy, Executive Office of the President

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