2008 AGU Fall Meeting 2008 AGU Fall Meeting

Monday, 15 December

U15A Frontiers of Geophysics Lecture: The Spread of Scientific Knowledge From the Royal Society to Google Earth and Beyond

Presented by: Michael Jones, Chief Technical Officer, Google Earth

P13F Shoemaker Lecture—The Phoenix Mission Explores the Martian Arctic

Presented by: Peter H. Smith, University of Arizona

Tuesday, 16 December

U22B The Great 2008 Wenchuan Earthquake: A Multidisciplinary View II

Presented by: R van der Hilst, MIT; Y J Chen, Peking University; X Song, Institute of Geology, CEA

V21E Bowen Lecture—On the Causes of Continental Intraplate Volcanism: An Example From the High Lava Plains of Eastern Oregon

Presented by: Richard W. Carlson, Carnegie Institution of Washington, Department of Terrestrial Magnetism

H22A Langbein Lecture—Geomorphology: the Shock of the Familiar

Presented by: William E. Dietrich, Department of Earth and Planetary Science, University of California, Berkeley

PP23E Emiliani Lecture—Lessons from the Pliocene Warm Period and the Onset of Northern Hemisphere Glaciation

Presented by: Ana Christina Ravelo, University of California, Santa Cruz, Ocean Sciences Department

AE23B Franklin Lecture—Recent Lightning Experiments at the International Center for Lightning Research and Testing: From Ball Lightning to Gamma Rays

Presented by: Martin A. Uman, Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, University of Florida

G24A Bowie Lecture—Glaciological studies of the evolution of ice sheets in a warming climate

Presented by: Eric Rignot, University of California Irvine

S24B Gutenberg Lecture—Seismic ambient noise imaging and monitoring: a new tool for the investigation of the continuously deforming Earth

Presented by: Michel Campillo, LGIT, Université Joseph Fourier and CNRS

C24A Nye Lecture—Polar Science in a Time of Rapid Change

Presented by: Mary R. Albert, CRREL, Thayer School of Engineering

Wednesday, 17 December

U31B Episodic Tremor and Slip I: Field Studies; A Growing Cottage Industry

Presented by: J E Vidale, University of Washington; P Segall, Stanford

SA33D; SH33A; SM33B Van Allen Lecture—Understanding the Magnetosphere: The Counter-intuitive Simplicity of Cosmic Electrodynamics

Presented by: Vytenis Vasyliunas, Max-Planck-Institute

A33D Bjerknes Lecture—Threat to the Planet: Dark and Bright Sides of Global Warming

Presented by: James E. Hansen, NASA Goddard Institute for Space Studies, The Earth Institute at Columbia University

T34B Birch Lecture—Focusing in on Mid-Ocean Ridge Segmentation

Presented by: Suzanne M. Carbotte, Columbia University

GP34B Bullard Lecture—Excursions and Paleointensity: integration of magnetic and oxygen isotope stratigraphies

Presented by: James E.T. Channell, University of Florida, Department of Geological Sciences

Thursday, 18 December

U42B Interaction and Coevolution of Earth Reservoirs: Coupling of Mantle, Tectonic, Atmospheric, and Hydrospheric Dynamics in the Evolution of Earth II

Presided by: W Landuyt, Yale University; A Lenardic, Rice University; M Jellinek, University of British Columbia

NG42A Lorenz Lecture—Predictability and Uncertainties in Geophysics: from the Butterfly Effect to Ensemble Predictions, Multifractal Predictability and the Anthropocene

Predictability and Uncertainties in Geophysics: from the Butterfly Effect to Ensemble Predictions
Presented by: Daniel J.M. Schertzer, Universite Paris-Est Ecole des Ponts ParisTech CEREVE

Transport in an idealized three-gyre system with application to the surface flow in the Adriatic Sea
Presented by: Irina I Rypina, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, Physical Oceanography Department

B43E Sagan Lecture—The story of O: The evolution of Earth's oxygen cycle and its relevance to life outside of our solar system

Presented by: Paul Falkowski, Dept. of Earth and Planetary Sciences, Institute of Marine and Coastal Sciences, Rutgers University

OS42A Sverdrup Lecture—Chlorofluorocarbons: The Oceans' Inadvertent Canary

Presented by: Rana A. Fine, Rosenstiel School, University of Miami

P44B Whipple Lecture—Terrestrial Planet Geophysics

Presented by: Roger Phillips, Southwest Research Institute

Friday, 19 December

H52B Arsenic and Other Metals as Contaminants in Hydrologic Systems II

Presented by: R Hon, Boston College; A Keimowitz, Columbia University