JA 08

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Tuesday, 27 May

Plenary Session — Hale Prize Lecture: How Solar Flares Work

Presented by: Hugh S. Hudson, University of California, Berkeley

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Wednesday, 28 May

Rachel Carson Lecture: Algal Toxins in the Deep Blue Sea: An Environmental Concern?

Presented by: Mary Wilcox Silver, University of California, Santa Cruz

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Parker Lecture: A Guided Tour of Heliospheric Waves, Shocks and Energetic Particles

Presented by: Martin A. Lee, University of New Hampshire

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Thursday, 29 May

Charney Lecture: Another Inconvenient Truth — Even a Small Nuclear War Could Be Much Worse Than You Think

Presented by: Owen Brian Toon, University of Colorado, Boulder

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Daly Lecture: New Constraints on the Protracted Accretion History of the Earth and Moon

Presented by: Alex N. Halliday, Oxford University

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Plenary Session — Global Earth Observations: Applications in the Americas

Global Earth Observation System of Systems – GEOSS and USGEO
Presented by: Gregory W. Withee, NOAA

GEOSS Agricultural Monitoring
Presented by: Inbal Reshef, University of Maryland

GEOSS in the Americas (Overview of the GITA Initiative)
Presented by: Kenneth D. Korporal, Canadian Group on Earth Observations Secretariat

SERVIR: Environmental Decision Making in the Americas
Presented by: William M. Lapenta, NASA-Marshall Space Flight Center

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Friday, 30 May

Plenary Session: New Insights in Geomagnetism and Paleomagnetism

Potential Fields Illuminate Earthquake Sources in Subduction-Margin Settings
Presented by: Richard J. Blakely, U.S. Geological Survey

Lunar Magnetism
Presented by: Mike Fuller, University of Hawai'i

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