Looking down on clouds produced by atmospheric gravity waves Looking down on clouds produced by atmospheric gravity waves

Particle Precipitation: Drivers, Properties, and Impacts on Atmosphere, Ionosphere, Magnetosphere Coupling

Bridging knowledge gaps in AIM dynamics and modeling

Energetic particle precipitation is one of the fundamental drivers of space weather in the coupled atmosphere-ionosphere-magnetosphere (AIM) system. This coupling is not well measured and as a result, we lack a fundamental understanding of many aspects of this coupled system, and models cannot be validated and are inhibited in their ability to forecast space weather. To compound this situation, different aspects of the AIM system are studied by the different communities with insufficient cross-community cooperation. Properly studying AIM dynamics, a societal level priority, requires a global systems science (holistic) approach to data collection, analysis, and modeling. This Chapman conference will bring together participants from the AIM communities to focus efforts on identifying and communicating outstanding issues, how models can bridge knowledge gaps, promising techniques for enhanced analysis, and required new types of observations.