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About the AGU GO program

AGU GO (formerly known as AGU On-Demand) provides you global access – either live-streamed or on-demand viewing – of breakthrough research and prestigious presentations taking place during Fall Meeting. You can view all the sessions and presentations from pasts meetings on AGU’s YouTube channel. Information about the 2019 program will be coming later this year. 

Information for authors

All authors, please review the presentation recording permission agreement. By accepting, this does NOT indicate that your abstract will be accepted or that it will receive an oral slot. However, if you decline, your abstract will not be scheduled in an on-demand session. If you have any questions about permission agreement for the AGU GO program please reference the FAQs.

Please note: AGU has confirmed with the journals Science and Nature that recorded presentations are an allowed exception to their prior publication policy. Presentation and discussion of material submitted to a journal at scientific meetings is encouraged (including at scientific conferences that are streamed or recorded).

Questions? Email AGU GO for assistance.