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#AGU21 Process from Start to New Orleans (and online everywhere)

#AGU21 is a well-orchestrated event with deadlines that are set in advance to ensure everyone – from presenters to attendees to the Fall Meeting Program Committee (FMPC) – is able to create a fantastic scientific meeting.

But what happens once you submit your proposal and/or abstract?

Here’s a look at the process from start to finish pdf icon.

Process deadlines infographic

Future Fall Meetings

Save the date and join us for our future Fall Meetings:

  • 12-16 December 2022 | Chicago
  • 11-15 December 2023 | San Francisco
  • 9-12 December 2024 | Washington, D.C.


Dates & Deadlines

June - July 2021

16 June 2021

Session proposal acceptance notification letters are sent and the invited author tool opens.

23 June 2021

Abstract submissions open

mid-July 2021

Town hall and workshop proposal notification letters are sent.

August - September 2021

4 August 2021

Abstract submissions close

August 2021

Fall Meeting Program Committee allocates and schedules sessions

1 September 2021

#AGU21 Registration Opens
Register for early bird discounts for attendees and press

#AGU21 Housing Opens
Reserve your housing

October - November 2021

5 October 2021

Online program is released.

Abstract notifications are sent.

3 November 2021

Early bird registration deadline.
Last day to join or renew your AGU membership for 2021 to take advantage of member registration rates.

19 November 2021

Last day for presenters to confirm if their participation will be in-person or online.

24 November 2021

Housing deadline
Last day to reserve your housing for #AGU21.

December 2021

1 December 2021

Last day to purchase ticketed events.

7 December 2021

Deadline to adjust attendee registration type from in-person to online (or vice versa).

13-17 December 2021

Join us in New Orleans & Online Everywhere!

We'll see you for #AGU21 in New Orleans, Louisiana and online everywhere from 13-17 December 2021.

Mark your calendar now for AGU Fall Meeting 2022, 12-16 December in Chicago, Illinois!

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#AGU20 By the Numbers
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2019 Fall Meeting

Fall Meeting Program Committee members (by section)


Guy Brasseur, Max Planck Institute for Meteorology
Fall Meeting  Program Committee Chair
Union program

Nicole Oliphant
Assistant Director, Scientific Programs, Meetings, AGU

Sonja Behnke
Los Alamos National Laboratory

Morris Cohen
Georgia Institute of Technology 

Jennifer Comstock
Pacific Northwest National Laboratory

Susan van den Heever
Colorado State University

Nana Liu
Pacific Northwest National Laboratory

Kathryn Moore
Colorado State University Fort Collins

Laura Pan
National Center for Atmospheric Research

Kristina Pistone
Bay Area Environmental Research Institute Moffett Field

Min Chen
University of Wisconsin

Forrest Hoffman
Oak Ridge National Laboratory

Avni Malhotra
Stanford University

Laura Meredith
University of Arizona

Kiya Riverman
University of Oregon

McKenzie Skiles
University of Utah

Melinda Webster
University of Alaska Fairbanks

Andrew Ashton
Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution

Isamar Cortes
Montclair State University

Mackenzie Day
University of California Los Angeles

Kimberly Hill
University of Minnesota

Claire Masteller
Washington University in St Louis

Marisa Palucis
Dartmouth College

Noah Snyder
Boston College

Kyle Straub
Tulane University of Louisiana

Binita KC
NASA Goddard Space Flight Center

Jens Klump
CSIRO Mineral Resources

Manil Maskey
NASA Marshall Space Flight Center

Sudhir Shrestha
NOAA NWS Office of Water Prediction

Sanlyn Buxner
Planetary Science Institute  

Michelle Nichols
Adler Planetarium

Sujata Goswami
California Institute of Technology

Lei Wang
Ohio State University

Susan Anenberg
George Washington University

Morgan Gorris
Los Alamos National Laboratory

Daniel Tong
George Mason University

Ben Zaitchik
Johns Hopkins University

David Cairns
Texas A&M University College Station

Ben Kravitz
Indiana University Bloomington

Erwan Monier
University of California Davis

Sankar Arumugam
North Carolina State University

Hang Deng
Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

Viviana Maggioni
George Mason University

Hamid Moradkhani
University of Alabama

Christine McCarthy
Columbia University

Lowell Miyagi
University of Utah

Yekaterina Kontar
USGCRP (U.S. Global Change Research Program)

Robert Weiss
Virginia Tech

Greg Mount
Broward County Environmental Planning and Community Resilience Division

Sebastian Uhlemann
Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

Steven Fletcher
Colorado State University

Carol Arnosti
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Kendra Daly
University of South Florida Tampa

Steven D'Hondt
University of Rhode Island

Janet Sprintall
University of California San Diego

Michèle LaVigne
Bowdoin College

Tiffany Napier
MARUM Center for Marine Environmental Sciences

Ny Riavo Gilbertinie Voarintsoa
University of Houston

Alexander Thelen
NASA Goddard Space Flight Center

Jennifer Whitten
Tulane University

Padma Yanamandra-Fisher
Space Science Institute

Kathie Dello
North Carolina State University Raleigh

Chelsea Peters
Roanoke College

Alice-Agnes Gabriel
Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München

Qinya Liu
University of Toronto

Romina Nikoukar
Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory
SPA - Aeronomy

Amy Keesee
University of New Hampshire
SPA - Magnetospheric Physics

Christina Lee
Space Sciences Laboratory
SPA - Solar and Heliospheric Physics

Colin Jackson
Tulane University of Louisiana

Miki Nakajima
University of Rochester

Patrick Fulton
Cornell University

Marianne Karplus
University of Texas at El Paso

Jing Liu-Zeng
Institute of Surface-Earth System Science, Tianjin University

Olivier Bachmann
ETH Zurich (Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich) 

Julie Prytulak
Durham University