Welcome to WaterSciCon24

The WaterSciCon24 theme of Catalyzing Collaborations shines in our strong programming across the conference. In addition to a full scientific program, WaterSciCon24 presents training events complementing the scientific sessions where you can learn new skills alongside your colleagues. The conference will host stand-alone workshops, as well.

WaterSciCon24 is sponsored by AGU and CUAHSI and convenes in St. Paul, Minn., 24-27 June 2024.

The Water Science Conference (WaterSciCon) brings the water community together every two years to share research, collaborate, and plan for the future. WaterSciCon 2024 will be held the week of 23 June 2024 in St. Paul, Minnesota.

The theme of the meeting is Catalyzing Collaboration and our goal is for every attendee to leave with new collaborators, networks, tools, and/or approaches, enhancing their contributions across their own portfolio of research, education, service, and/or agency mission. To this end, WaterSciCon24 provides:

  • More than 80 sessions, town halls, and plenaries
  • Almost three dozen hands-on workshops, many of which are coupled with scientific sessions. Attendees can learn in a traditional scientific session setting and also attend a workshop on a specific skill or knowledge set related to a session