SCIWS14 3D Printing for Geosciences: Emerging Technology in Education, Research, and Communication

3D printing is a 21st century technology for transforming digital designs into tangible objects. Geoscience is a discipline infused with 3D data. 3D printing revolutionize how we interact with our data and how we explain our science to non-experts. 3D printing geological models is an innovative subject that is emerging in geoscience education, research, and industry. One can design and 3D print multiple, identical models ranging from nanometres to meters in size. Therefore, our workshop is developed to provide insights on how different 3D printing techniques and materials can help industry stakeholders, academics, and students in experimental analysis of 3D digital data to improve technical communication to diverse audiences. In addition, participants will acquire CAD modeling skills, digital terrain generation skills and will learn how to communicate geological concepts using such models. From the teaching prospective, participants will have an opportunity to interact with 3D-printed models of fossils and subsurface features (e.g., pore and fracture networks) for the use in the classroom. In addition, there is a high interest from petroleum industry and governmental research institutions in using 3D printing for porous rock analogues to substitute natural rocks in experimental research. Hence this workshop is of paramount importance for scientists willing to integrate 3D printing workflows into their research programs or improve their current 3D printing procedures.

December 2020

From Wednesday, 16 December 2020 10:00 AM

To Wednesday, 16 December 2020 04:00 PM

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