SCIWS7 Bringing Your Film Idea to Life: Crafting Outreach Videos for Diverse Audiences

In order for science to thrive, we must communicate it effectively, not only to inform audiences (like young students, policy makers, video streaming platform users at large, or your own parents), but also engage them.  In a world altered by the COVID-19 pandemic, connecting with audiences from a distance has grown in importance.  Storytelling science through film is a superb way to do this as it makes science easily accessible and attractive, and has the potential to reach large, diverse audiences virtually.  Storytelling and filmmaking methods are also active education techniques as they engage students emotionally with topics, reinforce content learning, and motivate students to develop a unique, STEM-based skill set.

Do you want to share about a field season, a new scientific finding, or add humor to a dry topic?  We want to help you develop your ideas for a science outreach film.  During this workshop, participants will engage in activities aimed at cultivating their skills in the key steps of effective filmmaking.

  • Discuss the importance of including diversity in the Earth sciences and methods to reach diverse audiences virtually.
  • Receive guidance on how to storytell, improve film technique, and edit a video for impact.
  • Participate in activities to understand a target audience, cultivate a useful storyboard for your intended film, record video, and edit a short video.

The workshop will culminate with participants forming small teams, producing their own short films, and presenting them in a film festival, as well as time for questions and answers.

December 2020

From Thursday, 03 December 2020 10:00 AM

To Thursday, 03 December 2020 04:00 PM

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