SCIWS14: Smaller, Deeper and Lighter: Advanced Neutron Techniques for the Geosciences

Neutrons can provide unique insights regarding the earth's physical and chemical processes. Neutron techniques allow for the nondestructive probing of dense rocks, in both diffraction and imaging. The neutron's sensitivity to low Z elements can be used in the study of hydrous minerals as well for elucidating pathways for carbon and water cycling in the earth’s lithosphere and other planetary bodies. Finally, neutron radiographic and tomographic techniques can shed a unique perspective on the interaction of rocks and fluids, an area of enormous importance for oil and gas exploration and CO2 sequestration. 

The use of neutrons in the geo-context is not without challenges, and the have been, arguably, underused. Fortunately, the capabilities and the use of neutrons in the geosciences are on an upward trajectory. The purpose of this workshop is to showcase both state-of-the-art and emerging neutron capabilities specifically applicable to the geosciences. Speakers will present fundaments and applications of the most widely used neutron techniques and will discuss current limitations and priorities for future developments. The workshop will include a panel discussion, where participants and speakers will share their views on how to improve the access and relevance of neutron science to the community. 

Participants will become familiarized with currently available capabilities and how to access relevant facilities, identify critical parameters involved in the design of a successful experiment, and participate in the prioritization of future developments. 
This workshop is aimed at geoscientists interested in mineral physics, surface and subsurface processes, hydrogeology, rock mechanics and related fields.


$150 (regular)/$75 (student)

If you are an early career scientist or student and the registration fee is a barrier to your participation in this workshop, please contact Antonio dos Santos for potential sponsorship. A limited number of sponsorships are available.


From Sunday, 08 December 2019 08:00 AM

To Sunday, 08 December 2019 04:00 PM

Grand Hyatt