SCIWS17: The Magma Chamber Simulator (MCS): A Phase Equilibria Modelling Tool for Magma Recharge, Crustal Assimilation and Crystallization (RAFC)

The Magma Chamber Simulator (MCS) is a new energy- and mass-constrained computer code (Bohrson et al. 2014) that simultaneously models complex recharge/magma mixing, crustal assimilation and crystal fractionation (RAFC) scenarios. Using rigorous thermodynamics, MCS tracks the thermal, mass, and compositional (major/trace element, isotope, and phase equilibria) evolution as a crustal magma body undergoes RAFC.  

MCS can be applied to a wide range of questions from how crust grows and compositionally evolves to triggers of volcanic eruptions. More specifically, MCS can be used to model whole-rock, mineral, and melt inclusion major/trace element and isotopic data from natural systems. Among the many goals for such modeling are defining what RAFC (including crystal/mush entrainment and stoping) processes dominate at a particular volcano/pluton, and documenting the temporal balance of mantle versus crust contributing to a magma system. Iterative forward modeling that focuses on how magma physically and chemically responds to different compositional, mass, and thermal characteristics of a composite system will help explain the diversity of composition and behavior of magmas, goals that are fundamental to the fields of igneous petrology and volcanology. 
MCS has broad appeal to interdisciplinary groups of petrologists, geochemists, and volcanologists.


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