SCIWS6: Do-It-Yourself Open Source Environmental Sensing

No experience required in programming or engineering to participate. In this hands-on 4-hour workshop, you will learn fundamentals for in-situ environmental sensing, wireless communication, data logging, plotting, and visualization using the Loom system, a plug-and-play open source rapid prototyping system developed by Oregon State University OPEnS Lab. Using off-the-shelf components, you’ll walk through the process for hooking up a variety of sensors, configuring wireless communication, logging locally to SD and online, configuring software, and using Google Sheets and MongoDB to visualize and plot online data. 

Loom is a not-for-profit, open hardware-software platform for low-cost environmental sensing developed collaboratively by scientists, engineers, and programmers. It’s aim is to offer a turn-key solution for scientists to rapidly customize unique systems across a broad variety of contexts with little-to-no programming involved. 

We will provide 20 Loom kits that participants may share for the workshop duration. Additional participants may work through the procedures that do not require the Loom sensor hardware, like installing and configuring software. We may be able to pay participation fees on need-based cases for students and post-doctoral scholars who which to participate. Contact udellc@oregonstate for more info.


$75 (regular)/$40 (student)

From Tuesday, 10 December 2019 08:00 AM

To Tuesday, 10 December 2019 12:20 PM

Grand Hyatt
Conference Theater