INV08 Applications of Earth Observations for Addressing Environmental and Development Challenges in Africa

Recurring extreme events across Africa, in the form of droughts, fires, storms, and their associated floods and landslides, have fueled food insecurity, destroyed critical infrastructure, caused loss of human lives and suffering, and degraded environmental quality and services. Nevertheless, in a world of increasing scientific capabilities, such phenomena have both been observed by orbiting environmental satellites and simulated using a wide range of physical models. These have contributed to a growing body of data, tools, products, and services available to African decision-makers for addressing such challenges. In that context, the purpose of this session is to examine the impacts of recent Earth observation-related research efforts which help to address development challenges and promote societal benefit across the continent. Submissions are welcome from researchers and practitioners, focusing on how Earth observation data are and can be used to address environmental and development challenges in Africa. We will be encouraging virtual participation in this session by through the use of live updates such as live tweeting as well as using an online platform for all participants (virtual and in-person) to submit questions and up-vote other questions. Questions will be taken in a panel format after several presenters have the opportunity to give their presentations. The virtual participation component will also allow more researchers from around the world, particularly those from Africa, an opportunity to contribute to this session in a meaningful way.

December 2020

From Friday, 04 December 2020 07:00 AM

To Friday, 04 December 2020 11:00 AM