SCIWS9: Fostering GEO-STEM Learning Ecosystems – Creating More Diverse, Inclusive, and Resilient Communities Engaged in the Geosciences

In this workshop, participants will delve into the White House report Charting a Course for Success: America’s Strategy for STEM Education, a five-year strategic plan that lays out the Administration’s and STEM Education Advisory Panel’s vision in which “all Americans have lifelong access to high-quality STEM education and the United States is the global leader in STEM literacy, innovation, and employment.” Establishing sustainable and long-term STEM Learning Ecosystems is the mechanism proposed to motivate change. STEM Learning Ecosystems connect students’ school-based learning with informal and work-based learning opportunities through strong collaborative relationships and career pathway mapping between schools, informal learning environments, local business and industry partners, and university and research partners. 

Research reveals a disconnect between employers and the academic research community, especially around the premise of internships and workforce readiness. How can we enable the creation STEM Learning Ecosystems for the Geoscience community by focusing researchers on multi-level engagement through research, industry, and informal education?


$75 (regular)/$40 (student)

From Sunday, 08 December 2019 01:40 PM

To Sunday, 08 December 2019 06:00 PM

Grand Hyatt