INVO4c San Francisco: Understanding the Geoscience Behind Its Critical Infrastructure and Unlocking the Intrinsic Value of Its Diverse Communities—A GEO-STEM Learning Ecosystem in Practice - PART 3

Environment & Education will coordinate with San Francisco Bay Area community partners to organize local geoscience students representing the Bay Area’s diverse and vibrant communities to run a full day of Town Hall meetings and Workshops at AGU’s 2020 meeting. 

This proposal builds on the GEO-STEM Learning ecosystem implemented for a pilot program Environment and Education coordinated with community partners and AGU during the Centennial. During this pilot, local high school, college, and NGO program participants met a local Geotechnical firm President, a national environmental justice leader, attended AGU career pathway and diversity sessions, and explored Exhibit Hall and Poster sessions.
Students will use innovative presentation methods (virtual components, posters and meetings within a meeting), to: 

  • Explore how the Bay Area applies geoscience tools as it invests in critical infrastructure in a tectonically active region.
  • Offer AGU attendees virtual tours of Bay Area complex geology and sea level rise adaptations.
  • Demonstrate how local governments, educators, community-based organizations and employers collaborate to engage diverse, inclusive and resilient communities in learning about geoscience and sustainability careers. 

Environment and Education’s geoscience & workforce professionals will supervise, guide, and manage the program.  We will again work with educators and community partners to recruit students (18 to 25 years old) from diverse Bay Area communities with demonstrated interest in geoscience and who are in need of support, encouragement, and direction.
This also connects the AGU conference more closely and visibly to host communities and leaders. This Innovative combination of Town Halls and Workshops can be virtual and/or in-person, heavy virtual or all virtual.

Applied Geosciences Workshop: Workshop(s) will highlight the diverse roles geoscience professionals play in San Francisco’s Infrastructure and Resiliency Projects. Students will create content (virtual tours, posters, presentations) working with San Francisco geoscientists and educational mentors to demonstrate how San Francisco’s unique geology impacts its critical infrastructure. This will demonstrate mastery as “capstone” projects for students participating in ongoing career and professional development and mentoring programs. 
Workforce, Diversity and Inclusion Town Hall: During Town Hall(s) we propose a candid discussion on career pathway opportunities and challenges facing emerging and aspirational geoscience professionals across socioeconomic, gender, generational, and racial lines. Tapping a network of local/national workforce leaders, and local STEM educators we will engage panelists who won’t otherwise be able attend or participate - and tie into AGU’s Diversity and Inclusiveness initiative.

Outcomes. Being an integral part of AGU’s program, Bay Area students and local educators will learn about AGU and geoscience careers. A project-based program, students will hone their skills, develop documented work products, and build resumes as they develop and present programming.
Presentations will highlight AGU partners and engage AGU attendees - showcasing remote Bay Area locations and field sites. Students will be encouraged to network with AGU

Student attendees and industry professionals, explore geoscience internship opportunities and learn about geoscience educational/career pathways.
Audiences: AGU educators, AGU’s Diversity and Inclusion committee, geoscience employers, students/emerging professionals, attendees who cannot visit remote sites, and community partners/leaders engaged through presentations, panels, career networking and mentoring

December 2020

From Thursday, 17 December 2020 01:00 PM

To Thursday, 17 December 2020 03:00 PM