INV06 Subdecadal Ocean-Atmosphere Variability: Insights from Proxies, Models, and Uncertainty Examinations – PART 1

Continuous, high-resolution bio/geological archives offer an unparalleled means to investigate variability in past atmosphere and ocean conditions. Archives paired with analytical methods that enable sub-decadal temporal resolution are particularly valuable, as they provide opportunities to identify sub-annual to multi-decadal variability in ocean-atmospheric phenomena—periodicities that are particularly relevant to human perception of climate. This Innovative Session features studies that investigate near-modern to ancient climate variability, with particular focus on sub-decadal cycles. We are soliciting studies that utilize proxy-based reconstructions from bio/geological archives (e.g., sediment cores, ice cores, corals, speleothems, and tree-rings), proxy-model comparisons, and observational and re-analysis data. We also include investigations that examine uncertainty in proxies, age models, and/or spectral estimates, and their direct influences on our understanding of natural climate variability.        

This Innovative Session will showcase the work of diverse and early-career researchers who are making exciting contributions to understanding sub-decadal climate variability in the past. We have planned our Innovative Session to be accommodating to a global network of scientists. We expect our session will widen awareness and foster collaboration among a global array of researchers who share common research aims, yet diverse expertise.

This will be a live, interactive session with a mix of oral, eLightning, and poster presentations in an oral setting. Remote presenters and attendees will convene through a virtual meeting platform.

December 2020

From Thursday, 03 December 2020 07:00 AM

To Thursday, 03 December 2020 09:00 AM