INV13 Connecting Remote Sensors with Ground Sensors Through the Lens of Relationships, Respect, and Responsibilities

This session will showcase new opportunities for engagement of remote and in-person participants from the four directions who are of high benefit to the AGU community, to include innovative use of technology to engage those who are often unable to attend the Fall Meeting. Connecting geographically diverse locations, the session will consist of panel, poster, and eLightning formats as models for expanding inclusion and engagement, and allowing participants to experience the power of place. As remote sensing tells the larger more holistic story of a place, those on the land, the community of the place, tell another important part of the story. This session will connect researchers working with remotely sensed data with indigenous community members who will share their knowledge, their story, of that place along with visual elements from that location.

These relationships are vital. Relating to and experiencing place, through the lens of the stories and people who have lived those stories, is critical to science communication. The session will highlight the soul of communication – stories that connect people to science and place. We welcome abstracts that bring together multiple ways of knowing; practices that encourage our human responsibilities to the Earth and the life systems that sustain us, and communicate lessons learned through more effective storytelling, artful, compelling media, and more impactful results.

A variety of video conference technologies will be used, along with a variety of presentation formats to best meet the needs of the presenters to be included and the information each will share. The conveners seek to bring together satellite data and ground based observations, many ways of knowing,  to encompass diverse presenters and create a more complete picture of research areas. This will also bring about equity among participants by allowing for remote participation in the session.

December 2020

From Tuesday, 15 December 2020 10:00 AM

To Tuesday, 15 December 2020 02:00 PM