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Online Discussion Presenter Guidelines

If you are an online discussion presenter, you have the option to either upload slides or create an iPoster to use for your presentation. You may choose your preferred format for sharing your research

Before the Meeting (Choose one option)

Creating and Presenting Your Slide Presentation

  • Online presenters do not need to upload slides prior to the meeting.
  • Online presenters will share their screens and slide presentations. 

Creating Your Interactive Poster

  • Instructions on creating and publishing your iPoster by the deadline of 17 June.
  • iPoster edits will be possible until 30 June.
  • Presenters will upload their dynamic, interactive online poster through a web-based platform. The aMuze! iPosterSessions platform is a flexible HTML based poster format that allows authors to create interactive presentations that can include:
    • high-resolution images
    • high-definition videos and animations
    • detailed charts and diagrams
    • slide shows
    • audio files
    • voice-over narrations
    • scrolling content
    • links to external data sets and other dynamic content
  • Authors may also choose to upload a simple PDF format directly to the iPosterSessions platform; however, it is highly recommended that authors utilize the customizable templates within the iPosterSessions platform.
  • Authors also have the option of recording a brief introduction or summary recording linked in the presentation.

Day of Your Session

  • Online discussion sessions will take place in Zoom Meeting.
  • Join 20 minutes prior to start of the session using the link in the program. Joining early is important as it allows time to make sure that presenters’ computer sound and video are working and that presenters are able to share their screen.
  • Online presenters will share their screens and presentations. Online presenters will share their screens to display either their slides or online poster. Each presenter will time to present as outlined by the session conveners and time for discussion and Q&A.