Energy is coalescing around key challenges and opportunities at the nexus of the ocean and climate crises. This event will advance both knowledge and solutions at the ocean-climate nexus.

Specifically, the meeting will:

  • Focus on existing and emerging problems at the interface of the ocean and climate crises, with a forward look at projected climate conditions and how current and potential approaches and solutions can be effectively and sustainably implemented.
  • Focus on the requirements in ocean science, engineering, policy, governance, and economics etc. that will help to create the conditions for trajectory-changing solutions to be in place in the next 7-10 years
  • Expand and strengthen the community working on solutions at the ocean-climate nexus.

The meeting is intended to be highly interactive with a focus on building networks, collaborations, and outcomes within and across business and academic sectors.

We welcome a diversity of solutions-oriented participants, including scientists, academics, policymakers, entrepreneurs, Indigenous and traditional knowledge keepers, innovators, and funders working at the ocean-climate nexus.