An equitable and inclusive geosciences discipline requires a systemic cultural shift. DEI champions and leaders in the geosciences lack a central community for networking and professional development, hindering broader impact of their efforts. AGU LANDInG (Leadership Academy and Network for Diversity and Inclusion in the Geosciences) will cultivate and elevate DEI (diversity, equity and inclusion) champions within the geosciences to address this need. LANDInG comprises a sustainable network of (formal and informal) leaders to champion DEI values and practices, developing cohorts of new leaders to implement DEI efforts that broaden participation across the geosciences.

AGU LANDInG has two main elements: (1) a sustainable Community of Practice (CoP) Network for DEI champions in the geosciences, including a virtual platform (The LANDInG Site) and in-person events to engage and support a broad representation of DEI champions within the geosciences in networking, resource-sharing, and professional development activities; (2) the LANDInG Academy is professional development for DEI leaders in the geosciences to build capacity for evidence-based leadership of DEI efforts that specifically address to the needs of the geoscience community.

AGU LANDInG’s model for change draws from research and theory spanning social and organizational sciences, including the literatures on professional networks/mentoring, and implementing effective diversity and leader training. Our methods for enacting change are evidence-based and framed by national models for cohort-based professional development within higher education/STEM.