Academy Application

Before applying, please see the participation requirements, Cohort 1 calendar and Academy FAQs.

Submission deadline is June 15, 2021.

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Why Participate

  • Good DEI leadership begins with a strong foundation in knowledge and awareness. LANDInG Academy participants will engage deeply with evidence-based resources to build expertise regarding DEI fundamentals. Programs will be delivered by national experts from across the DEI sciences, leadership development, and STEM equity disciplines.
  • Effecting meaningful change takes a village. LANDInG Academy participants will attend regular meetings, including quarterly meet-ups and monthly virtual programs to participate in cohort-based activities that bridge theory with evidence-based practice while also building a community of support.
  • DEI leadership is more than the sum of practicing DEI in a leadership role. LANDInG Academy participants will go beyond learning traditional leadership skills, developing new skills for dealing with DEI resistance, including how to recognize and remove barriers to change and how to build engagement that supports deep and sustainable change.
  • Dialogue is at the heart of DEI success. LANDInG Academy participants will learn to sharpen their communications skills to amplify impact.
  • Leading DEI change requires action. LANDInG Academy participants will apply their new knowledge, skills, and awareness to execute a personalized DEI project with support from the LANDInG community and resources.

Additional Benefits

Each cohort participant will also have access to:

  • Direct engagement with DEI experts and thought leaders
  • Opportunities to share outcomes through conferences and STEM publication
  • A supporting community of DEI peer mentors
  • An annual ($3000) participation stipend to each cohort member
  • A certificate of completion and recognition ceremony at AGU’s Fall Meeting