What’s next for Cohort 1 Applicants?

Applications for the first cohort are currently under review. Announcement of selected LANDInG Academy Fellows will occur in mid-September.

Finalists in this process will be invited to interview (virtually) with the LANDInG team in late August, 2021. Finalists will need to provide a second letter of support from the same supervisor or higher authority in their organization who attested to their department's/college's/organization's commitment to DEI. This second letter of support should detail institutional commitment (resources and recognition) to the candidate’s successful participation in the Academy and implementation of a Broadening Participation Leadership Project, to be developed during the first year of participation. Guidance regarding the types of resources one might consider valuable to successful participation is provided below.

Finalists who are invited to interview will be notified by August 11th; secondary letters of support must be received at [email protected] by 5pm PST August 27.

    Guidance on Resources to Request to Effect Change at your Institution

    • Consider your own interests in effecting change to inform and shape your request for resources. For example, are you most interested in changes that support student or faculty success, institutional policy, etc.?
    • Consider the types of support most likely to be of value to you in participating in the Academy (including time to attend meetings, participate in activities and complete assignments, develop a project etc.):
      • What kinds of support would be necessary and valuable to advance your plan for change?
      • How best can your institution support you in your DEI change endeavors? For example:
        • Would your institution consider offering an adjustment in effort (e.g., teaching, service or scholarship reduction) to afford your time to participate in Academy meetings/activities and to develop and implement a Broadening Participation Leadership project?
        • What fiscal resources would your institution be willing to provide in support of implementing a future project?
        • What other resources might your institution commit to support you in proposing and implementing a project (space, event planning, administrative support)?
        • How will your institution recognize the value of your participation? For example, will your participation count toward meeting expectations for future promotion or leadership opportunities?
        • Will your institution support you in requesting data needed to inform identifying areas of need for enhancing DEI success on your campus?
        • Will your institution allow you to communicate your ideas and plans with other stakeholders within and beyond your institution?
    • Your institution should recognize the importance of your proposed efforts. Fellows will spend about 50 hours of instructional contact over the two years of LANDInG Academy; additional effort is expected in preparation for meetings, travel, and implementation of projects.
    • Be sure to work collaboratively with the person who writes your letter. Clarity and understanding of the institution’s commitment at the start will ensure success down the road.
    • Because Academy participants may not yet fully understand their institution’s DEI needs and therefore cannot anticipate the full scope of their proposed projects, we do not expect a fully scoped plan for change. Instead, we ask that you engage in a conversation with your institution’s leadership to gain commitments to your success coupled with minimum commitments they can offer. A general idea of the institution’s commitment is all that is required.

    Why Participate

    • Good DEI leadership begins with a strong foundation in knowledge and awareness. LANDInG Academy participants will engage deeply with evidence-based resources to build expertise regarding DEI fundamentals. Programs will be delivered by national experts from across the DEI sciences, leadership development, and STEM equity disciplines.
    • Effecting meaningful change takes a village. LANDInG Academy participants will attend regular meetings, including quarterly meet-ups and monthly virtual programs to participate in cohort-based activities that bridge theory with evidence-based practice while also building a community of support.
    • DEI leadership is more than the sum of practicing DEI in a leadership role. LANDInG Academy participants will go beyond learning traditional leadership skills, developing new skills for dealing with DEI resistance, including how to recognize and remove barriers to change and how to build engagement that supports deep and sustainable change.
    • Dialogue is at the heart of DEI success. LANDInG Academy participants will learn to sharpen their communications skills to amplify impact.
    • Leading DEI change requires action. LANDInG Academy participants will apply their new knowledge, skills, and awareness to execute a personalized DEI project with support from the LANDInG community and resources.

    Additional Benefits

    Each cohort participant will also have access to:

    • Direct engagement with DEI experts and thought leaders
    • Opportunities to share outcomes through conferences and STEM publication
    • A supporting community of DEI peer mentors
    • An annual ($3000) participation stipend to each cohort member
    • A certificate of completion and recognition ceremony at AGU’s Fall Meeting