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Student Travel Grants

Congratulations Awardees!

Please join us in congratulating the winners of the AbSciCon 2022 Student Travel Grant.

NASA Astrobiology Program Student Travel Grant Winners
Osama Alian, Michigan State University
Andrea Bryant, University of Chicago
Zachary Cohen, University of Washington
James Haber, Purdue University
Holly Rucker, University of Arizona
Pam Vervoort, University of California Riverside
Chanel Vidal, Arizona State University
Lena Vincent, University of Wisconsin-Madison
Carlos Ortiz Quintana, University of Puerto Rico at Mayagüez
Zoe Weiss, Harvard University
Mars Exploration Program Student Travel Grant Winners
Harpreet Batther, CU Boulder
Sarah Crucilla, Harvard University
Tanner Hoog, University Of Minnesota
Gabrielle Ledesma, Iowa State University
An Li, University of Washington - Seattle
Taylor Price, University of Minnesota - Twin Cities
Anais Roussel , Georgetown University
Cathryn Sephus, University of California: San Diego
Sydney Wisnosky, University of Miami
2022 Betty Pierazzo International Student Travel Award 
Ophélie McIntosh, University Paris-Saclay

AbSciCon 2022 Travel Grant Information

The NASA Astrobiology Program and the Mars Exploration Program are funding a limited number of travel grants to qualified students to attend the conference. Reimbursable costs include transportation (airfare or mileage in one’s personal vehicle, compact car rental, fuel costs, and shuttle ride(s) – as allowable under government regulations), lodging, meals and incidental expenses, and the conference registration fee. In most cases, actual expenses will exceed the funding provided. Students who are awarded travel grants may be asked to assist conference organizers with tasks during the conference. These tasks will not interfere with their ability to participate in technical sessions.


  1. Undergraduate and graduate students
  2. Students may be either U. S. citizens or resident aliens, but must be formally affiliated with a U.S. college or university at the time of the conference, or the semester immediately following the conference, if during break.
  3. Preference will be given to those students who intend to present a talk or poster.

Applications must include proof of applicant’s affiliation with a U.S. institution. A copy of your current student ID or confirmation of course registration must be submitted with your application.

Students who are depending on travel assistance should not pay the registration fee or make travel arrangements until they have been notified that they have received an award. All applicants will be notified no later than mid-March 2022.

Submissions are closed

The deadline to apply for a travel grant has passed.

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