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AbSciCon provides a venue for 1,000 international scientists, students, government representatives and industry practitioners to exchange information on topics covering all aspects of astrobiology, the study of potential life in the universe. This conference brings together practicing scientists from all fields (physics, astronomy, chemistry, biology, oceanography, geology, and more) to consolidate our collective understanding of what life actually is and what evidence it leaves in diverse settings.

The 2024 meeting focuses on the following:

  • Alternative and agnostic biosignatures
  • Characterizing habitable zone exoplanets
  • Energy sources and metabolic pathways in the environment
  • Evolution and diversification of life: OoL to LUCA to Eukaryongenesis
  • Mission to Mars: Life detection and habitability
  • Ocean worlds near and far
  • Philosophy, history, education, and community development
  • Returned sample science
  • Star-planet-planetary system interactions and habitability
  • Subsurface habitability and life
  • The early evolution of Earth and its biosphere
  • Transitions from prebiotic chemistry to biology
  • Understanding early Earth environments

We are excited to offer opportunities for your organization to connect with the astrobiology community at this newsworthy event that often announces or updates ongoing space missions. This year's meeting is being supported by the larger academic community in Providence, RI, including the University of Rhode Island and Brown University. Show your support of the AbSciCon community with an exhibit booth and elevate your presence with sponsorships.

Benefits of exhibiting and sponsorship

This community-driven meeting is still small enough to allow for individual interactions, yet large enough to have decision-makers and attendees from a variety of private, academic, and nonprofit sectors. Join the ranks of the Blue Marble Institute of Science, Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory, and the NASA Postdoctoral Program, who have exhibited or sponsored previous AbSciCon meetings.

Your benefits include the ability to:

  • Launch and demo your new products in an interactive selling environment of 1,000 attendees
  • Share your research and exchange information with an interested and qualified audience
  • Meet face-to-face with current and prospective customers
  • Exhibit in prime location near networking spaces and scientific posters
  • Reach attendees online
  • Recruit top job candidates
  • Explore global business opportunities