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AbSciCon convenes every two years and provides a venue for international scientists, students, government representatives and industry practitioners to exchange information on topics covering all aspects of astrobiology. AbSciCon 2022 is planning for in-person and online programming. We are excited to offer new opportunities for your organization to connect with the astrobiology community.

The 2022 meeting is the first opportunity in three years for the community to share insights and scientific developments at this growing meeting that focuses on:

  • The physical and chemical processes that led to the evolution of life including the formation and evolution of the stars and planets
  • The nature and evolution of early planetary atmospheres, crusts, and interiors
  • Geochemical and geological processes
  • How the first prebiotic chemicals were synthesized
  • The transition between primitive chemistries to biologies
  • Biological evolution of organisms
  • Engineering and design of spacecraft and life detection technologies
  • Planetary protection
  • Fundamental properties of life
  • Co-evolution of life and Earth (or other planets)
  • Paleo-geochemistry

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Why Exhibit

This community-driven meeting is still small enough to allow for individual interactions, yet large enough to have decision-makers and attendees from a variety of private, academic, and nonprofit sectors. Join the ranks of the SETI Institute, the Blue Marble Institute of Science, the American Astronomical Society, and the NASA Postdoctoral Program, who have previously been involved in meetings, as an exhibitor or sponsor. Your potential benefits include:

  • Ability to launch and demo your new products in an interactive selling environment of 1000 attendees
  • Share your research and exchange information with an interested and qualified audience
  • Meet face-to-face with current and prospective customers
    • 1000 expected in-person attendees
  • Exhibit in prime location near networking spaces and scientific posters
  • Opportunity to reach attendees online
  • Recruit top job candidates
    • 29% of 2019 attendees were students
  • Explore global business opportunities
    • 85% domestic attendees, 15% international
      • Top attendance outside the United States includes: Australia, Canada, China, France, Japan, United Kingdom
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Exhibit Space Rates

Standard kiosk: $2,500

Standard kiosk with monitor: $3,500

Each kiosk includes:

  • Kiosk display with graphic on backwall
  • Exhibitor listing on AbSciCon digital platform
  • Exhibitor listing on the AbSciCon mobile app 
  • 2 Complimentary Full Conference Registrations

To reserve your kiosk, please contact:
Emma McElherne
[email protected] or +1.312.265.9638

Booth sizes

Exhibit Hall Hours

Monday, 16 May - Thursday, 19 May

9:00 AM - 11:30 AM

2:30 PM - 6:00 PM

Friday, 20 May 

9:00 AM - 11:30 AM

Kiosk are located in a hub of activity as part of the scientific poster area and feature a lounge area to encourage attendee networking.  

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Experiential Opportunities

Support the first annual AbSciCon Creative Writing Competition. This competition will solicit original pieces of fiction, non-fiction, and poetry from all members of the astrobiology community. Those who submit pieces are experts in their science and actively involved in the search for life in the Solar System and beyond, bringing a perspective that usually exists in scientific journals or in short bursts on social media. This contest provides an opportunity for them to explore the "What Ifs?" of astrobiology and showcase their talents for all to admire. Qualified panels made up of published science fiction writers, poets, and science journalists will judge the submissions and rank them first, second, third, and honorable mention. Sponsoring this contest will publicly show your support for the field of astrobiology and the scientists who belong in it by acknowledging that they are more than their scientific knowledge.

During this engaging session at AbSciCon, more than 500 digital posters will be displayed on large touchscreen monitors at dedicated stations that allow presenters to share dynamic scientific research with embedded videos, animation, and other features to make their research and data more interactive. iPoster galleries will also be online for the larger scientific community to view.

2019 AbSciCon eLightning Gallery

Your benefits include:

  • Your logo and brief company information will be displayed on the supporter splash screen of the AbSciCon eLightning presentation gallery
  • Logo recognition in the online presentation gallery available before, during and after the meeting, granting your organization extended recognition in support of scientific discovery
  • Option to create one eLightning poster in the online gallery to showcase your company’s thought-leadership (Note: this does not include a presentation onsite during the meeting)

Provide lunch for students and early career attendees of AbSciCon, and you’ll be providing the opportunity for your staff to network with the next generation of AbSciCon members. Encourage networking with icebreaker games and nametags, treat attendees to lunch, and show your support of learning in science all at the same time. Sponsorship includes audio set up for speakers, signage, and up to 50 boxed lunches for attendees. AGU will invite the students and early career attendees based on demographics collected during registration.

Host a one-hour thought-leadership discussion over lunch at AbSciCon. Treat attendees to a boxed lunch and showcase your customer case studies or new technology and science solutions. This option is perfect for subsequent breakout discussions if desired. Sponsorship includes audio set up for speakers, signage, and up to 50 boxed lunches for attendees. Sponsor will be responsible for attendee registration.

The Braindate networking platform gives AbSciCon attendees a safe online space where they can discuss their unique experiences and connect with other attendees who share their interests. Using the Braindate platform, individuals and small groups can connect with and learn from each other’s experiences. Position your organization as a champion of this new peer-to-peer networking and learning opportunity.

Your benefits include:

  • Your logo displayed prominently on the Braindate platform and in Braindate emails
  • Opportunity for your company representatives to host topics as Thought-Lead Ambassadors
  • Support in curating discussion topics to showcase expertise in Topic Market

Promotional and Branding Opportunities

Push notifications deliver value to your conference experience by driving attendees with a direct call-to-action. This method of promotion is a proactive way to drive engagement for your company. Use the push notifications as an opportunity to get attendees to your booth, special events, or alert attendees to your company promotions and giveaways. (Five opportunities available total, one notification per company, per day).

Welcome attendees with an ad on the mobile app! Your banner ad will be displayed in rotation on the app and will hyperlink directly to your site (or URL of choice). 5 opportunities available.

Your company’s hyperlinked banner ad will be included in the registration confirmation email that each attendee receives after registering for the conference. This opportunity will grant you exposure from when registration opens in January 2022 up until the conference. This is an exclusive opportunity for your organization to place your branding in the email message that every attendee will open to confirm their registration, and make your presence known before the conference even begins. Also with barcode notification email.

Attendees will be on the lookout for the email that contains all of the key information they need to get ready for the conference in the week prior. Take advantage of this exclusive opportunity to put your company’s hyperlinked banner ad on this highly anticipated message.


This high impact opportunity provides excellent brand exposure throughout the conference. Provided at registration, the lanyard will have the logo of the sponsor alongside the meeting logo. Attendees are required to wear their name badges throughout the conference, giving your company thousands of impressions over the conference. Exclusive opportunity.

Let attendees come to you by placing your company’s message at the information headquarters for AbSciCon. Your ad will be shown in rotation on the conference website which will be highly frequented in the months prior, during, and after the conference. Click rates available upon request

  • Leaderboard 728 × 90px $3,000
  • Skyscraper 160 × 600px $2,000
  • Medium Rectangle 300 × 250px $1,000

Looking for other ways to make your presence known at AbSciCon 2022? Contact us to learn more about creating a custom-fit package with exclusive branding opportunities in the convention center. Email Emma McElherne at [email protected]



Emma McElherne

312-265-9638 | [email protected]